Battery packs for EVs, autonomous rovers, multi-wheel robots, heavy-lift utility electric vehicle

Handmade to order - battery packs suitable for EVs, autonomous rovers, multi-wheel robots, heavy-lift utility electric vehicle.

Designed & assembled in the Netherlands by CMIUTA Electric Company.

Web site:

EV Battery Pack.

Voltage: 25.2V (max.29.4V)

Capacity: 46.4Ah

Current: 160A continuous

Power: 1.3kWh

Battery pack dimensions: 28,5 x 16,5 x 7

Weight: 6200g

Configuration: 7S16P Genuine Panasonic NCR18650PF 10A/cell

Welded with nickel strips with 99,97 purity.

Oversizes pole terminals.

Balance stripes for later connection.

Cells are extra-insulated with a gasket against short-circuit (the outer rim of the top of the cell is part of the negative terminal)

Cells are stacked in plastic holster, and covered with kapton foil, and the ABS plates covers the pack on top en bottom.

BMS PCB are not integrated!
Require a proper protection/balancer/charge/discharge circuit for 7S 160A.

Require also a circuit breaker/160A Bussmann fuse.

This battery pack are suitable to use as single system, or in more arrays to increase voltage or current, or both.

Because is a new battery pack assembled, the cells have from factory a voltage for storage state, and needs to be fully charged to 4.20V/cell before first use. After that, you can downgrade the charger setup to max. 4.10V/cell, for a long lifespan of battery. Don't discharge below 3.10V/cell, for same reasons.

More info via website.

How are made:

Cautions and safety tips for lithium batteries: 

DO NOT short circuit 
DO NOT overcharge or over-discharge 
DO NOT modify, disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, or incinerate 
DO NOT expose to liquids or high temperatures

CMIUTA Electric Company don’t have any responsibility and aren’t liable for any damage caused through improper use of these battery packs and chargers, or to use for purposes other than mentioned on product specifications.

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