CAD Drones, LLC is searching for 20+ Volunteers!

Hello Diy Drones Universe,

This is Joshua Johnson CEO and Founder of CAD Drones, LLC and "The Open Source website for CAD and Drones".  We are 19-21 days away from having our Drone Product go LIVE on!  Right now is moving along but without the help and ideas of volunteers in the Drone Industry we don't know which direction we should go moving forward.  Being a volunteer for CAD Drones, LLC and will give you the opportunity and expirience in shaping our website into what you feel is best for the International Drone Community.  Our website's focus is on CAD, 3D Printing, and Drones and meshing them together under one roof.  We are trying to build an Open Source environment that will benefit the Drone Industry for decades to come!  Once our Kickstarter Campaign is underway we are going full steam ahead with the consulting side of our Drone Tech Company and turning volunteer positions into paid positions.  We are looking for volunteers with various expertise and strengths that believe they have what it takes to help build a Drone Product, Company, and website into a success!  We can't unveil our product to the volunteers or public until we get closer to the Kickstarter Campaign Launch.   Volunteers who we feel share our same passion to advance our website and also to build a reliable resource for the Drone Industry will more than likely see their volunteer positions transition into paid positions after the launch of our Product on Kickstarter!

What Volunteer Positions We Need Filled:

  • 1 Graphic Designer ( Someone who is willing to help us turn into a visually appealing website and someone who is interested in using their Graphic Design talents to create information graphic pieces that can be used to educate our website members about various topics )
  • 1 Wikipedia Administrator ( Someone who is good with organizing and structuring research and factual pieces/information from multiple sources under one depository in an organized, useful, and educational manner ) 
  • 1 Lead Moderator ( Someone to build, manage, and organize a small team of volunteer moderators )
  • 3 Moderators ( 3 Moderators besides the Lead Moderator who are willing to work as a team to decide on category names and organize and come up with a structured plan for the Forums, Blogs, Photos, and News Page so its a useful tool for our members )
  • 5 Website Developers ( 5 Web Dev's willing to use their Programming skills to create HTML and code based features for that will assist and educate the commercial and/or hobby Drone Community )
  • 5 Business Advisors ( 5 people are willing to mentor me by sharing advice and ideas with me to help CAD Drones, LLC grow and prosper )
  • 5 CAD/3D Printing Specialists ( 5 people with skills in CAD and/or 3D Printing who are willing to donate their time by creating blogs, forum posts, and assist our members who are using CAD and 3D Printing to help assist in their drone projects. You will be also be in charge of build up our CAD File Database with useful files for our community )

 (**If you would like to volunteer for a position you feel is needed on but is not listed below please email me your position idea and how you would fit the role**)

If helping the CAD Drones Community and joining an up and coming Drone Start-up Company as a volunteer and possible future employee is something that interests you please feel free to email a "creative resume" to me at: or post it on our Volunteer Blog Post.

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Comment by mP1 on May 22, 2014 at 6:18pm


First of all internship in Australia is illegal, so i dont quite have a first hand experience in the goals, so i might be making some wrong assumptions. I thought internships were about young inexperienced people getting experience thru work typically together or under the supervision of a professional.

If there are 20 newbies, who exactly is going to watch what they do, if the only other person in the company is yourself ? Sure they can chat at lunch time or here or there but you arent really going to be able to show them much if anything simply because you dont have the time. You might show them how to use the phone but in terms of real how to demonstrations this wont work. They arent really learning anything from the professional side of the company, they are just volunteers working for nothing. The problem is you havent made this clear and have in part achieved this by picking words to your advantage when other more exact words were available, aka volunteer vs intern.

Comment by Joshua Johnson on May 22, 2014 at 8:22pm

I created a new blog to reflect changes in our campaign for "Volunteers" and it got approved but then instantly deleted... :(

Comment by Joshua Johnson on May 22, 2014 at 10:02pm

This blog has been edited to reflect the change in our campaign.

Comment by Nigel Cartwright on May 23, 2014 at 1:20am

Can you please be specific on blogs and such in which I piggy backed off of other people?

OK, here's a few - I really haven't got time for more. Every time anyone posts anything interesting you want it on CADrones, you want to collaborate... It's all about promoting your site on the back of others work.

I'll say it again. If you have a good product, go out and source the finance properly (and no, not Kickstarter), and do the graft to get it to market...

I hope it will be on cad drones! I work with 300-6000 dollar printers and can achieve this quality. I'm testing out hobby grade ones to start selling on CAD Drones.

Share this with! :)

Hey Wayne,

Are you still interested in using for the Open Source Development of the TechPod?  We are editing the website, forums, and database on as I am writing this. and CAD Drones, LLC is highly interested in collaborating with you folks at The UAV Guide. Please email me at: if you're interested.

We are trying to Kickstart the CAD Drones Revolution by Crowdfunding Sponsors

CAD Drones is going to be the hottest Open Source Community for CAD and Drones since Diy Drones and sUAS News!  This is why I am inviting 7 more individuals to join the list of 10 total sponsors of the open source CAD and Drone community.

Comment by Joshua Johnson on May 23, 2014 at 1:47am


How about you go back over a 3-4 year span and read every comment I've ever written.  I've done 100 times more helping then I have promoting.  Just because I recently began this venture and started working and collaborating about it doesn't mean you can take my most recent comments on blogs and say thats all I've ever done as a member of

Comment by Joshua Johnson on May 23, 2014 at 1:49am

BTW I'm not piggy backing off of others work.  I'm letting people know that I have built a specialized website that their projects would be helpful on.  We are building a resource for the community not trying to build something of value.

Comment by Thomas Robinson on May 23, 2014 at 4:19am
Probably best to end this thread now. Regardless of any intentions, it seems pretty unprofessional.
Comment by Bill Patterson on May 23, 2014 at 6:22am
Speaking in an unofficial capacity, my words are my own personal words and all that.

But at Northrop Grumman, we pay all our interns. As a hard R&D and engineering Corporation, I believe the head honchos feel its important to foster students on track to enter the aviation industry. And generally speaking I think they feel its part of being a good corporate citizen.

So far as I understand it (personal opinion),I believe "intern" is essentially synonymous with trainee. Calling them "interns", implies that part of their pay is knowledge and expertise that you the employer impart to the intern. Internship should be a two way relationship, where you put knowledge into the intern and they use it for your benefit.

But in your ad you asked for skilled professionals, not trainees.

Personally I work in every state in the conus mostly all remote telework. Being remote is no excuse for not being paid. Everyone has to eat. If I got told to go fix California, but we're not paying you because you're in Florida, well, I'd go find another employer tomorrow.

I think that if you reworded your request you might get some bites. Sounds like a fun project. But how its worded; you're looking for unpaid employee/trainees but the expertise required is for professionals who have free time (volunteers). Most potenials are not going to want to enter into an unpaid contract (internship) when they already have a real job.

Anyways, enough typing on my phone. All my words are my own and I'm not representing any policies or official stance of any one else. So don't go to NGC and tell them that bill says I can be an intern. Haha
Comment by Mustafa TULU on May 23, 2014 at 8:43am

If Northrop Grumman would ask me to be an intern but for free when i was a student, i would be a slave and would not ask for a penny sir:)

PS: I would do the same to the Lockheed Martin.

Comment by Rob_Lefebvre on May 23, 2014 at 8:57am

And that's precisely why this situation exists.  Desperation.

The reason why companies need to reconsider this whole idea, is because they need to ask themselves...  does offering unpaid internships get them the best quality candidates?  Or do they only get the desperate ones?  Not making a statement about you at all Mustafa, just raising the point.

I did 4 internships while in University.  All of them paid.  

Canada is actually starting to take action on this, cracking down on this slave labour.  The problem started creeping up when companies began to think that since they were not paying their interns, they were not employees, and thus not technically required to obey the labour laws. Some of them were asking their interns to do dangerous or demeaning tasks.  In two cases, interns died after falling asleep driving home after a long shift where the "employer" was not following the rules about hours of work, rest time, between shifts, etc.

These unpaid internships in Canada are now only legal if they are quite rigorously tied to educational programs, with real training.


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