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CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!


Congrats to Tridge and the CanberraUAV team for winning the 2012 Outback Challenge! The official results have just been posted:

Search & Rescue competition - FINAL SCORES In the end Canberra UAV were clear winners, finding Joe and making it...


Tridge and CanberraUAV team are core ArduPlane developers and the UAV is flown by an APM 2 autopilot. So proud of Tridge and the team! No doubt a full report of how it went will be coming soon.

[UPDATE: The ultimate goal of the Outback Challenge is to drop a water bottle near Outback Joe (the dummy on the ground in the picture above), and no team accomplished that this year (the CanberraUAV bottle got stuck). So although CanberraUAV won easily on points this year, the ultimate challenge still remains for future competitions.] 

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  • Moderator

    Congrats team!  Great achievement.  And just saw that it made the Sydney Morning Herald!

    Drone finds dummy 'bushwalker' in world-first

  • congratulations CanberraUAV Team, this is for sure a big achievement!

  • Developer

    Next year it will happen :)

    Congratz for whole team

  • Developer

    Next year it will happen :)

    Congratz for whole team

  • Well done fellas! Great to hear all the hard work has paid off

  • Congratulations!

  • congratulations!

    I just read the final analysis from the uav obc:

    "The distances reported by the team for Outback Joe had an error of 6.56m, 4.40m and 3.16m."

    This is quite impressive

    can't wait to read the full report / blog :-)

  • Developer


    We'll post full config details when we get home, but basically we had a bullet M5HP on the GCS with a 20dBi patch running at a transmit power of 36dBm EIRP. On the plane we had a Ubiquity Rocket M5 with two 5dBi antennas, one horizontal, one vertical. That gave us 32dBm EIRP.

    We got about 25% packet loss on the Ubiquity link over the whole flight, mostly on the southern legs of the mission, when the 50cc motor was between the antennas and the GCS. We should have put the antennas on the wings. We used a custom image transmission protocol called block_xmit to transfer the data - that protocol handles packet loss very nicely.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • you have the design of the UAV

  • Congrats!  I read the post and links with great interest. One thing that caught my attention was the use of the Ubiquiti Bullet for your telemetry and video downlink.  I see that Ubiquiti has a version of the bullet that can be operated by open source Linux SDK. I would like to know all the details of your set up if your willing to share.

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