Cheap IR LIDAR Lite (90$)

This is the LIDAR Lite, a compact high performance optical distance measurement sensor from PulsedLight. The LIDAR Lite is ideal when used in drone, robot, or unmanned vehicle situations where you need a reliable and powerful proximity sensor but don’t possess a lot of space. All you need to communicate with this sensor is a standard I2C or PWM interface and the LIDAR Lite, with its range of up to 40 meters, will be yours to command!

Each LIDAR Lite features an edge emitting, 905nm (75um, 1 watt, 4 mrad, 14mm optic), single stripe laser transmitter and a surface mount PIN, 3° FOV with 14mm optics receiver. The LIDAR Lite operates between 4.7 - 5.5VDC with a max of 6V DC and has a current consumption rate of <100mA at continuous operation. On top of everything else, the LIDAR Lite has an acquisition time of only 0.02 seconds or less and can be interface via I2C or PWM.

Note: The LIDAR Lite is designated as Class 1 during all procedures of operation, however operating the sensor without it’s optics or housing or making modifications to the housing can result in direct exposure to laser radiation and the risk of permanent eye damage.

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  • So, this is a more precise altimeter than baro?  I want to use my quad to photograph rooftops up close. Of course wind turbulence makes this a challenge. I get lift when gusts hit, then drops. Would lidarlite be useful in maintaining a more consistent altitude?

  • #projectango

  • Can this be used in photogrammetry?
    Is there anything that can deal with penetrating forest canopy (in a useable RC model size)?



  • Thanks Hamish!

  • Thanks Emin!

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    I've created an issue for the wiki here.  Hamish has taken over the wiki updates so hopefully he can take care of it.

  • too late again..backorder

  • @Randy - Chances there could be information about the "cap" put in the wiki? It sounds like useful information... What "cap" is preferred? I have just installed it on my copter but maybe I should remove it before fitting the "cap"...
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    No need for the optical isolation.  just separate power source and caps on the power line.

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