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  • That is the main question, @Serge. And the chimp was ready and waiting for the drone with the stick (not too short, not too long, just the right size to hit the drone). Maybe they were tired of the drone that was a real bother

  • Why did they fly so close ?

  • Chimp 1 drone 0.

    He was just waiting for it - then "Whack A Drone!"

  • It you stop the vid where the chimp whacks it with a stick, it looks like they turned that drone into a cable camera... I think this is a DJI Phantom though.

  • It's not a 3DR product that why he knock it off.

  • Were those chimpanzees in the ad?  They looked like baboons.  May be the chimps are mad they did not get picked for the ad campaigns. :-)

  • The chimpansee atacked the drone the same weekend of the launch of Solo of 3drobotics that based their intro-video in chimpansees... Coincidence?

  • After that the Chimp called his lawyer.

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