China Lai Shenglong pioneered large-load agriculture drones to promote the development of modern agricultural precision

However, the large data to be really used in the specific production of agriculture,

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it must also have modern machinery production equipment, that is, the need to achieve "modern machinery and equipment + agricultural large data" combination. In this context, the protection of unmanned aerial vehicles with intelligent, efficient, economic, energy-saving characteristics, the demand is becoming more and more exuberant.

To promote the modern agricultural precision development, the rational use of plant protection drones is essential. But one of the things that needs to be recognized is the low penetration rate of plant protection drones.

According to statistics, China's current use of plant protection machinery to manual and small machine (electric) dynamic sprayer mainly, of which manual drug medicine, backpack-type mobile equipment accounted for domestic plant protection machinery holdings of 93.07% and 5.53%. The cause of such a situation, can not be overlooked is that the capacity of plant protection UAV is limited, most of the load can only 10 kg, up to not more than 20 kg, and the size of the load will directly affect the change in the efficiency of dressing and operation efficiency, thus affecting the cost.

This is certainly heavy for agricultural producers who have already paid a huge price for equipment purchases but have not been able to make a profit. In response to this, Lai Shenglong after two years of painstaking research, as well as product performance testing, improvement, with independent research and development and has complete intellectual property of the motor, as well as series of technology, successfully developed specifically for plant protection services LSL series of large-load UAV products, including 3wd-lsl-6-15l,

3wd-lsl-8-30l, 3wd-lsl-18-65l, maximum load of up to 80 kg.

Among them, Lai Shenglong 65 kg of liquid solution load of plant protection drones are the national initiative.

Lai Shenglong the emergence of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, in the industry as a precedent, but also for user groups to create a more diverse choice to meet different groups, different regions in the diverse needs of plant protection services.

For example, the use of the 18-wing design of the 65L plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, the largest single operation area has been greatly improved, can reach 120-150 acres, the daily operating volume was upgraded to 3000 to 4000 acres of land.

This for the field operation of the area to achieve large-scale, precision production, is undoubtedly extremely advantageous. But more importantly, Lai shenglong large load plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, will spray, fly the effectiveness of the prevention of more than one grade, for the modern agricultural precision development has a powerful role in promoting.

The resulting pure income, also can get the leap type increase. For example, the use of the six-wing design of the 15L plant protection UAV, compared with 10L, the amount of work per hour is 60-120 Mu, the maximum daily operation can reach 600-1000 Mu, the efficiency is greatly improved.

The efficiency of the promotion, the resulting monthly income can reach more than 100,000 yuan.

For example, 30L plant protection unmanned aircraft, the use of eight-wing design, although the load is only raised twice times, but the largest single work area to 50-60 mu, the maximum amount of work can reach 2000 mu, the resulting monthly income will double increase.

It is noteworthy that Lai shenglong large load plant protection UAV, not simply to achieve the weight of the superposition, but the material, technology, design and other aspects of all aspects of the upgrade.

The most obvious is that with the increase of the load, the drone's rotor is also increased correspondingly, from the 15L six-wing, to the 30L eight-wing, to 65L of 18 wings, taking into account the safety, stability, low energy, can easily handle the weight of the flight and spraying problems, to provide a solid foundation for efficient work. Shenglong also worked lifting spraying and reducing ineffective spraying. According to the load capacity, the corresponding spraying system is equipped on the UAV.

For example, in the 65L plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, spraying system has 10 replaceable nozzles, the spraying amplitude can reach 12 meters above, the preset windproof nozzle can effectively reduce the spray mist by the rotor airflow roll up, thus enhance the spraying effect.

For the industry as a whole, Lai shenglong large load plant protection UAV, and continuously improve performance, also has important impact.

On the one hand, the new product category appears, no doubt can stir the plant protection unmanned aircraft industry a pool of spring, prompting other manufacturers to increase research and development efforts to produce more excellent performance of plant protection products, to ensure that they do not lose in the fierce competition, thus promoting the prosperity of the entire industry development.

On the other hand, the emergence of new agricultural production equipment can accelerate the combination of "modern machinery and equipment + agricultural data", and then drive the development of modern agricultural precision.

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