Dark Star on runway - - - motors running !

Madden AMOST flight of Dark Star.

Finally. my quad is running and being monitored with configurator.

2 x 2200 mah lipo
2 x 90503 props
2 x 90503R prop
My frame
900mhz A/V TX out on one arm.
Video cam in bubble on bottom center.
4- 30A ESC
1- 10A BEC
APMega board
Oil pan Shield
4- EMAX 2822 Motors
AeroQuad software V406
Configurator V2.4

AND REMEMBER there are 4 props turning at once! They are EVERYWHERE !

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Comment by Morli on August 1, 2010 at 3:57am
Ahaarggg , Thanks , I thought calibration has to do some thing with your AP board and configurator , :() , Silly me. Yep Esc throttle range setting. Tnx agn.


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