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It's a hour-long documentary that just went live on Dutch TV, which you can watch here. The DIY Drones/3D Robotics stuff starts at about 25:00. It's about 50% spoken English with Dutch subtitles, and is really well done. There's an interview with me at the Wired offices and then shots from the 3D Robotics factory. Lots of other great video from interviews at ETH, as well some Kinect motion-control drone demos.

Sadly the embedding doesn't seem to work, so go to the link above to watch it. 

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  • is there a version without the silverlight cr@p/malware/lock-in ?

  • That's probably Alan's Lexus. He's just trying to show it off to us. ;-)

  • Nice interview.

    Alan, cool flight! But sometimes you're too much risky, I watched your video at one go, couple of times I was afraid about that white lexus on the parking :)

  • Distributor

    sorry Alan! need to visit you one day to not make these mistakes anymore!   :) 

    yeah the jitters are bad! ... not strong enough or is it the actual mounting points that are an issue?

  • Marc, thanks for the tip!  I have Silverlight and the video was skipping like a drunken sailor.  Now I'm using flash I can finally see it without pauses.

    I watched the whole thing.  It is quite comprehensive, covering military, civilian, the flying ball, and even Iranian drones.  The reporting is very biased against the US.  Sinister music whenever they talk about American Military drones, and cutsie Thunderbirds music when they're talking about the Iranian drone.

    I think the gist of it is that the US are trying to sell military drones to Netherlands, but these guys are making the case that they should develop drones domestically.  They are taking the example of the Griffin fighter versus the JSF as an example.

  • Have to admit having "parsed" it for 30-45 min, looks more like current affairs program which seems to high light the concerns of drone warfare and privacy implications of introduction of drones in their own countries, with a bit about bias for buying US military hardware being highlighted
  • For people without silverlight: click "Instellingen" and select Flash, but unfortunately the button doesn't work on Linux (tested on chrome and firefox).

  • 3D Robotics

    Cool stuff!

    -Dany, that was me not Jordi! I'm hoping to get the mount done ASAP right now I'm just trying to work out unwanted servo jitters :S  (https://vimeo.com/39566074)

  • Very nice documentary ! Doesn't play by default, you have to do the setting for flash.

  • Distributor

    Jordi, nice go-pro camera mount that you shown there! :) 

    When will it be ready? hehe 

    Nice documentary! thanks for sharing. 

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