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    MarcS: Ah. Explains a lot, like why the stall out with the first heavy prototype was a controlled one etc  :) I think the reason they did not add the vertical stabilizer in the first plance, is that they where aiming for as close to the original as possible. And last time I checked seagulls don't have a rudder.. :)  If you look at the tail it is shaped like a inverted v tail, to give you some directional stability. But a real seagull controls it's flight my using the whole body, so I guess there is not enough movement available to recreate that in this model.
  • Good video. On the first takeoff at 11:38 I gasped over the realism.


    Even the best video flights seemed like it was a little over weight. Li-Poly and CF still isn't good enough to beat nature? Just barely though... I've heard good things are on the horizon for batteries. The future is bright.

  • John,

    The person with the radio is an R/C pilot full time :-)   (He is not a FESTO employee)
    He was the inventor of indoor flight nearly 15 years back, in the time before brushless and lipo... And has made a business out of that...

    And by the way, when they say they are experts in aerodynamics and stuff, why are they surprised that an airplane without a vertical stabilizer does not fly straight?

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    The person with the radio controller is definitively a R/C pilot in his spare time. Who else would have a tube of UHU poor and a sheet of depron at hand to quickly improvise a tail surface. :)
  • @HappyKillore
    ....but its 3D CG!
  • That is a really neat video.


    CG looks to be a little too far back....

  • Yes, thanks for sharing this!  Fascinating to see what went on in the creation of this machine.
  • Thanks for sharing.  It's an impressive example of what mankind can do when he sets his mind to a task.
  • The only difference between guys who get paid to do it & hobbyists is these guys dress up & sit in a conference room & have German accents.  Disappointing that the V tail wasn't enough.
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