Field Strippable, 300 sized, Multirotor Concept Release. STL files available for download for the Price of: FREE.

The Misfortune
Thursday March 10th 2016, sad, stressful, and rainy day in New England. I ran the misfortune of having MassGov deny my appeal for my only speeding ticket, and my only infraction with the law to date. Meaning now I owe them some money, and my insurance rates are sure to spike on my vehicle. As well as all my dreams of walking up to Washington DC, with a squeaky clean record, to score myself a security clearance which will allow me to consult for DARPA the DOJ and the DOD in my mid to late 30’s, flies right out the window. Well, I only hope they can forgive me, and turn a blind eye to it.

Turning Things Around
That being said, I look to turn my misfortune around by releasing a concept of mine to the open source community. This concept was designed by myself with much needed input from Andrew Merlino from the 3d Heli community. We have spent approximately ten months developing the system on our spare time.

The Problem And The Solution
In MultiRotor FPV to get really good, you have to crash, and crash A LOT. Which can be demoralizing to some, specifically to those of us who do not have personal mechanics. So I started thinking. I analyzed F1 racing, its amazing that the world record pit stop is said to be 1.923 Seconds. Why can’t FPV crashes or mechanical malfunctions take equality as long? So then I started looking into mil-spec devices, specifically the M4 or “AR-15”. Two Pins hold the main assembly together, very interesting. And its amazingly helpful for the men and women deployed over seas, they don't not have to be rummaging for sub tools to clean the “tool of the trade”. Now my mind is really thinking. Six revisions later, and over 500 test flights. I present the Ozone Drones 300 sized X-8 Pro and Quad-X Racer field strippable modular frame design.     

Flight Video One

Flight Video Two

3D Render
Important Specs and info
I printed the frame out of PLA, two walls thick, with a 30% infill on my MakerGear M2. And as you can see in the video it flies very solid for using little to no hardware. Altho the spacers seem to be useless in the Quad-X frame, they play a crucial roll in the X-8 frame. Spacers on the X-8 frame should be crazy glued back to back, to help score some rigidity. Keep In mind for the X-8 you may need at least 60C discharge rate packs. To avoid cell damage and puffing. Eight motors pulling peaks of 15-18 amps at 12 volts, (3s) boils down to 1500-1700watt peaks. Amps sure do add up. Now you have a 300 size that peaks out at 1.7kw.   
Motors Used: Emax 2300kv
Props: 5x6 carbon fiber
ESC: Emax 12amp
Pack: 3s 1400mah or 2200mah
Controller: CC3D, NAZE32, or APM
Frame Weight:185 grams
X-8 Frame Weight: 270 grams
Quad-X Weight With 1400mah pack: ~1.5lbs
X-8 Weight with 2200mah pack: ~2.25lbs
Need a bag of: Hitch Pin Clips 3/16 1”

Cons (Need to be Solved)
-Mild Boom wobble
-Not made of Carbon Fiber
-A little Heavy(slowly getting stronger and lighter though)
-Currently can’t be purchased
-Requires further development
-Development account unfortunately seized by Mass.Gov   

-Less then five minute frame assembly (F1 Inspired)
-Easy to repair
-No tools required for air frame assembly (AR-15 Inspired)
-Use of Hitch Pin Clips is the only hardware required for frame assembly
-Modular Design (Lego Inspired)
-Designed with Lean Manufacturing methods in mind     

If any one has any ideas on how I can improve the frame, please let me know. I need a solution to solve the mild boom wobble which gets progressively worse as you fly it, specially after mild crashes. Having more eyes on the subject may help accelerate development. The X-8 still has to be test flown, and due to my misfortune, I will be forced to pause development of this system till I accumulate some funding. I will be patiently awaiting constructive criticism.

Download link :  

Moral of the story
I couldn't think of a better way to vent out my stress, and I hope you enjoy whats come of it. Remember don’t speed, and don't drive overly tired. (that's is what FPV is for, right?)  The Police are only doing their job, and the fact that you eye’s can not register stimulated wavelengths of near infrared light, is no excuse. Which sort of gives me an idea for Augmented Reality HMD’s…hmmmmmm.


Robert Below mentioned Hot Glue. Works great to lock in the booms!

New Download Link:

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Comment by benbojangles on March 11, 2016 at 8:06am

Can't argue with that :)

Comment by robert bouwens on March 11, 2016 at 9:45am

you could use a cfk spar - some hot glue ...

might be a solution ;-)

Comment by robert bouwens on March 11, 2016 at 9:47am

when it comes to the cons: mild wobble.

i am allergic at wobble effects....

Comment by Darius Jack on March 11, 2016 at 10:58am

I am not sure if DARPHA, DOJ , DOD, FAA

would be happy with your ideas about aircraft crashing



In MultiRotor FPV to get really good, you have to crash, and crash A LOT.


Driving a car you don't have to crash it, crash it a lot to drive really good.

This is exactly the theory behind

Aircraft Crash Adrenaline Syndrome

Comment by Andrew Ocejo on March 11, 2016 at 12:45pm

@robert bouwens It's little things like that hot glue idea, that skip my mind I will most certainly be trying this! And the mild boom wobble is amazingly unnoticeable even at high speeds and in tight spaces. 

@Darius Jack I agree, altho I am not even in my mid 20s yet. And I suspect they may have more advanced tech then me strapping Oled Micro displays to his eyes and flying around in the woods. Plus we have all crashed before, and most of us will agree its the one of the worst feeling, months of work scrapped in seconds. But I believe failures yield success in the end if you keep at it. I also was sort of joking, what are they odds they would be interested in my work? It still wouldn't be cool to do some algorithm development for them in the future. Primarily in the whole computer vision side of things which is fascinating me at the moment (mainly for the purpose of avoiding said crashes).   

Comment by Darius Jack on March 11, 2016 at 1:28pm


I liked your joke but there are 2 approaches to success in your life.

To follow good examples

and to follow bad examples

Learning by crashing your drone is highly expensive learning curve.


For computer vision, 4K raw video visit latest offers by DJI


Under new legislation by FAA of December 2015, there is no more free space left

for hobby pilot to crash his/her $1,000 drone

Today you are accountable for every crash and third parties may report your drone crash to law enforcement officers to punish you,

so better follow good examples and don't crash your drone at all.

Comment by Stephen Zidek on March 11, 2016 at 1:37pm

Andrew don't listen to Darius, he is a notorious troll.  You are doing great.

Comment by Andrew Ocejo on March 11, 2016 at 1:58pm

@Stephen Zidek Thank you for the heads up, and the positive encouragement!!!

Comment by Damouav on March 11, 2016 at 11:25pm

@Darius Jack - Crawl back into what ever hole your slithered out off and shut the door.

Comment by Gary McCray on March 12, 2016 at 12:02pm

Had a "Q" clearance, they will definitely not deny you for a single speeding ticket.

They will talk to your neighbors everyplace you have ever lived though.


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