Flying with ArduPilot onboard

Hello to All,The purpose of this blog is to share with you some feedbacks about my flights experiences with the ArduPilot onboard.ArduPilot on EasyGlider videos :Flight plan mode, Fail Safe and RTH mode has been tested with the ArduPilot : flight with ArduPilot in windy conditions: Album :,Jean-Louis NaudinEmail: JeanLouisN777@diydrones.comDIY DRONES home page :
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  • Good post....thanks for sharing.. very useful for me i will bookmark this for my future needed. thanks for a great source.Seeing all the above comments though, maybe I might have to keep looking.GPS
  • Developer
    Hello Jordi and Jason,
    I have now updated the v2.4.4 (Self-Learning mode version), this is now the v2.4.5 :
    The reset of the wplist is done automaticaly in flight, during the first wp record. So, the step B is not required and the motor wont' turn...
    The latest version v2.4.5 can be downloaded here :
  • Developer

    The new code i'm working on has a new feature you way want to include:

    If you reconnect the bind plug after initializing it will disable the throttle for security... So you can switch to autopilote without turning on the motor. Just remove it before flaying. ;-)
  • Developer
    Hello ArduPilots,

    I have just released a new version (the v2.4.4) of my ArduPilot. This new version contains a very interesting feature: THE SELF LEARNING MODE....

    This new feature is very usefull in the field, because you don't need to have an internet connection (google map) or a PC computer to create yourself a customized waypoints list, your ArduPilot will be able to Self-Learn its own flight plan in flight !!!

    The Self-Learning mode works only on the version 2.4.4 (the JLN personnal version) ONLY.

    You will find this update at :

    Now, I explain you how to record IN FLIGHT a flight plan to your ArduPilot UAV.

    A-1) The transmitter must be switched ON and the control button set in MANUAL MODE,
    A-2) The "Remove Before Flight" (RBF) jumper must be connected,
    A-3) Connect the Lipo battery to the ESC of your plane,
    A-4) Wait the GPS-Fix (the blue led goes fix) and the Ailerons/Rudder moves quickly,
    A-5) Remove the RBF,

    Your ArduPilot is now ready to Self-Learn your flight plan.

    B) Just before the launch : You need to erase the previous stored flight plan before to learn a new one.
    B-1) Hang your plane (be carefull of the propeller) then turn the control button of your transmitter from MANUAL MODE TO WAYPOINT MODE (the middle position by default) then quickly back to the MANUAL MODE again.
    The propeller will start few seconds during this step.

    Now, the previous flight plan has been erased in the Eeprom memory of the ArduPilot.

    C-1) The control button must be set in MANUAL MODE. Launch you plane and fly, when you want to record a waypoint, you simply need to turn the control button of your transmitter from MANUAL MODE TO WAYPOINT MODE (the middle position) then quickly back to the MANUAL MODE again. The plan will move quickly the ailerons to point you that the WP has been recorded...

    So, you may record all the 3D Waypoints (lat, lon, alt) that you desire...

    When all the flight plan has been recorded during your flight, land your plane.

    D-1) Disconnect the Lipo Battery
    D-2) The RBF jumper is still in place on the ArduPilot and the transmitter ON and set in Manual mode,
    D-3) Connect a new charged Lipo Battery
    D-4) Wait for the GPS fix (the blue led fix and the quick motion of the servos)
    D-5) REMOVE THE RBF jumper,
    D-6) Launch your plane and now, you may run the recorded flight plan when you want by only turn the control button to WAYPOINT MODE....

    Best Regards,
    Jean-Louis Naudin
  • Developer
    Hello Nick,

    Thanks for your comments, I haven't yet tested the no rudder version but for a well coordinated turn, I recommend strongly to use the mixing with the ailerons and the rudder (with a simple 3-Y) as mentionned in the diagram above.

    Today, I have just updated my easyglider header file with some new fine tuning about the heading gain.
    Look at :

    Now, flight plan is played like a music sheet with this setup and with the v2.4.3..

  • Congratulations on your progress and thank you for publishing documentation.
    Have you tested the ardupilot connected to the EZ glider's elevator and ailerons only (no rudder)?
  • Developer
    Hello to All ArduPilots,

    Air Speed offset bug now corrected. During some tests flights with the original v2.4, I have noticed that the measured Air Speed was a bit crazy and the ASP was -288 on the ground before de launch !!!

    see below :

    Ardupilot!!! V24

    This was due to a bad calibration process of the air speed sensor input (analog3) during the initialisation phase. So, I have corrected this in the v2.4.3, see the result below :

    Ardupilot!!! V2.4.3

    You will find here :
    the latest version of the Ardupilot v2.4.3 and the header file for the Easyglider that I have used successfully this WE.

    Below the latest improvements since the original v2.4 :
    // Last Update : 11-08-09
    // Added starting_wp = 1
    // Added GPS: gpsfix status for telemetry (System tab )
    // Added WPT: current_wp for telemetry (System tab )
    // Added HappyKillmore code for GPS Emulator (GPS_EMUL tab)
    // Added Get_Home_Position(void) -> stored into : home_lon, home_lat, home_alt (see Waypoint tab)
    // Added A-1 GPS_PROTOCOL 3 in the easyglider24.h header file for GPS Emulator
    // Added Save_Home_Position(void) -> to store the virtual home postion and alt for the GPS Emulator (see System tab)
    // Correction of the air_speed_offset bug which gives -289 (!!!) of airspeed...( Sensors tab )
    // Air_speed_offset bug now corrected, added zasp_req=1 a request flag for Zero Air Speed bias during the catch_analogs Mux

  • Developer
    Hello to All,

    You will find the tested header file for the ArduPilot v2.4.1 that I have tested with my Easyglider today on Nov 6, 2009 in windy condition at :

    You need only to copy this file in the same folder than the main project file.

    Below a photo taken today at a turning point in waypoint mode...

    Best Regards,
  • Very nice Jean-Louis Naudin! Thank you so much for sharing this important info. You are helping me immensly to understand all this.
  • Developer

    Hello to All,
    You will find my latest developpements about the ArduPilot v2.4.1 cited above. This new release is able to runs with the GPS Emulator v1.1.45 and contains some improvements.

    The full source of the ArduPilot v2.4.1 can be downloaded here :

    More updates will be soon posted at the main project "ardupilotdev" at:

    Best Regards,
    Jean-Louis Naudin
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