FPV Drone Racing at Shang ,China


From November 4 to November 5, 2017, Minhang District People's Government and Shanghai Aviation Vehicle Model Association as the guide unit, Xinzhuang Town People's Government jointly organized by X-FLY (), Minhang District Economic Commission , Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, the starting point of venture business support the 2017 Shanghai X-FLY Crossing Competition (VivoCity Station) ended.


The competition is an international tournament. The organizer, X-FLY Drone Racing, invited top flying handcarts from home and abroad to Shanghai. They come from China, Hong Kong, South America, Britain, South Korea, Italy and Colombia. Minhang District Branch of the advanced science and technology projects, but also won the district science and Technology Commission, the district Economic Commission and the investment community chiefs presence support and attention


After two days of intense competition, the X-FLY2017 Crossing Racing Competition VivoCity Station stood out in the glittering colors of the LED lights at night. The 15-year-old MCK from South Korea won the runner-up and HOM of China Shah Hong Wang won the runner-up. in the race,the ZTW Brushless ESC in the FPV Drone, it take MCK to get NO 1.


Crossing the race is a new sporting event that started in 2014 from the United States. Players wear AR glasses, through the remote control through the aircraft in the 3D track high-speed flight, known as "Air F1." X-FLY, the first brand in China to introduce through-the-racer events, has a wealth of tournament experience and proven event operating modes and strives to become the benchmark for domestic cross-country racing events. The contest brings together the world's top players, is currently the highest level of technology, the most extensive range of cross-races.


Chen Cheng, head of racing competition, said X-FLY will continue to combine the technology and sports industry with the current event operating system to integrate the cross-country training with the cross-country race to allow more people to accept Love this new sport, but also for more Chinese Flying hand to play a role in promoting world-class competitions.

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