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  • @Jason

    Over Griffith Observatory (luckily rec&parks are cool folks) and most of Hollywood, powerlines, etc..., pretty gutsy, even for a FPV plane (appears to be a mix of plane and quad footage). PWC building is over 500ft and the observatory is at a 800ft elevation....

    I see a FAA 'flying over dense populations' citation coming up in 3..2..1... But that's LA for ya :)

  • Other brands are available*

    Hey guys lets gopro that, Doesn't sound rite to me, sounds like a commercial ploy by gopro

    I would rather buy 30 mobious cameras than 1 go pro, it would cost the same

  • Dang it, I wish I thought of it first ;).

    I see that they aren't using a gimbal at all which is impressive since the footage has to be sped up 2-10x. Or maybe its a gimbal with roll and tilt follow. But to answer your question Christoph, I'd say these guys are more reckless than trappy. At least trappy doesn't fly close to people. Plus his fixed wings don't fall out of the sky like quads.

  • Developer

    Tense... but it's creative. :)

  • hm, realy cool video, but if you compare this to trappys flying which one is more reckless?

    in the making of video you see that they had a whole crew and aside from the guy fling there allways where people watching the drone so maybee thats enough safety but still.. flying over crowds.. :(

    still, cool video

  • MR60

    Excellent! I would hope drones would fly as well as superman:)

  • Super awesome! (no pun intended!)

  • Developer

    I guess we've reached a point where no one cares anymore about safety and flying over cities and people, blah, blah, blah. 

  • A flying unicorn.

  • Very creative. Totally cool!
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