Heres a video bound to make you cry

I know its hardly UAV related, but still .. .

If you don't cry of the sheer beauty and excitment of fpv'ing around new york, you'll at least cry about breaking the laws and bla bla regulations FAA whatever.

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  • random thought.  Should the NSA employ trappy?  He has the skills and loves his work.  They have the need to spy.  Everyone wins....

  • its a zephyr and it wasn't filmed one battery!
  • DIYD podcast includes a very information interview with AMA concerning upcoming regs. Available on itunes or android!
  • thats a pretty sick video, though.
  • If I advise you not to run across the highway and you get all your friends to run back and forth across the highway, when you get hit by a car are you going to sue the driver? Think you might be forced to pay for the damages to his car and at least get fined for your reckless behavior? Think the "it was an advisory" nonsense will save your hide?
    Get out of the "I can ignore advisory guidance" mindset or suffer the consequence of having barbed wire seperate you and your friends from the highway because you are proving you can't be trusted.
  • Just saw this on the AMA forum. They seem to be split over FPV and even just camera equiped RC.
    This is one posters reaction to the video:

    "Absolutely. Ban them altogether. Mind you, AMA has no power to ban them from being used by the public at large, only to keep them from being used under AMA auspices.
    YES, most people are using them with no problems, as you say.
    But we MUST define ourselves properly, and distance ourselves away from any such activity.
    We are chasing after the horse after the gate was left open, at this point, we need to give up some stuff if we want to keep what is really important.
    FPV guys can band together and work out their own deal with the FAA, but the FPV stuff as it is impugns highly onto the turf of the SUAS guys, and they don't like that, and we need to get away from that RIGHT NOW.

    It's already a rainy day, and it's time for action. We have been too little too late for too long, we failed to give, so the FAA TOOK instead. Time to be proactive, rather than reactive. "
  • I miss high octane leaded fuel, side pipes and drag racing at the industrial park.
    Now I have to use bad gas and catalytic converters and drive it 200 miles to a track to race,.
    Things change.
  • tl;dr Yeash i agree
  • I decided to coment again. Forgive me.
    Due to the ever increasing deficit in the US, as well as the sinking value of the Euro due to the burdens of the PIG economies, I find my two cents now worth more than they may ever be in the coming future, so I'm cashing in!
    I think Trappy is a rougue, a maverick.. someone who.. umm.. wait.. too Palin. Trappy is Trappy. And I personally love him for it regardless of the consequences. Here is my reasoning why: If in fact the FAA makes rules that are more restrictive based on Trappy's actions (who usually flies in the Alps, from what I can see), then I would consider this to be a huge mistake. That having been said, I can't stop them from making this mistake. None of us can. Regardless of rules, there will always be some that won't follow them. The hobby of FPV, unmanned flights, drones, or what have you has indeed arrived. It is affordable, and doable, and with proper precautions quite safe. There are no doubt are countless concerns that need to be weighed by the FAA as to what should, or shouldn't be allowed, but let's face it, they aren't going to be able to stop this kind of thing. At most they will be able to make it illegal and eliminate a large protion of those that are participating in the joy of it, but not all. In the end I suspect Trappy would still be flying. Logic would say that we need to find a compromise that allows for us to continue to participate in our hobby, and at the same time provide a reasonable level of safety for those around us. I think it can be done. If nothing else the response in the media to the video demonstrates that the general public enjoys what we do, as long as we can do it safely. If however the FAA decides the best road is to declare a ban, well then they will do that, and most of us will have to forego something we dearly love to do. I shall always love Trappy's videos though, because they really are works of art.
  • Hey Hamish!
    AC 91-57 !

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