How to avoid accidents when  Agricultural Drone  operations??

At the time of spring ploughing, the flying defense season came one after another, and the plant protection drones had to start again. In the new year, more newcomers joined the FPS, and the Eagles Xiaobian compiled several common accidents and avoidance methods.


1. Stay Cables Stay Cables are the most troublesome problem for flying plant protection personnel, not only greatly reducing the operating efficiency, but also may cause crashes. For cable stays, note that: If there are too many utility poles and cable stays in the work area, the crash risk is high and you must evaluate whether or not you are working. Before the operation, you must check the work area in detail, do a good job of mapping the obstacles in advance, and plan routes to avoid obstacles.


2, high-voltage line High-voltage line itself has strong electromagnetic radiation, but also the city's power transmission line, must not make the plant protection drone close to the high-voltage line, otherwise the high-voltage line blackout due to impact, will cause major losses. Always keep the plant protection drone and the high-voltage line at a safe distance of 10 meters or more, and must not allow the plant protection drone to cross or fly over the high-voltage line. In addition, it should be noted that if the operation is performed under the ordinary rural lines, the spraying of the plant protection drone liquid should be set to “hover” and cannot be set to “elevate and hover” to avoid plant protection and The wires collided.


3. Branches Branches Branches are common obstacles in the operation, most of them will appear on the borders, and if there is improper operation, there will be crashes. When planning a route, it is necessary to ensure that there is a sufficient distance for inward retraction so that the route can avoid trees. The end of the plant protection line before and after the route must be protected with trees

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