Intelligent Electric Unmanned Helicopter "PARUS " released

At the just-concluded GUSC Unmanned Systems Conference & Expo, ZIYAN released the "PARUS ", the smallest high-performance intelligent electric unmanned helicopter in the country, arousing great concern in the industry. PARUS will surely bring about a revolutionary application in the industry with its most cutting-edge design and breakthrough performance. And it is really cost-effective.

At present, Parus, with prices starting at US$ 15000,  compared with the same type of products on the market, more cost-effective.

Only 2KG lightweight design
PARUS ,only 2KG, its carbon fiber body design not only high-strength and light-weight but also has non-oxidizing environment resistant to high temperature, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and many other advantages. So that PARUS can handle more harsh environment of the mission.

50min excellent flight endurance

Thanks to the special performance model of helicopter structure and the high-performance power system independently developed by ZIYAN, PARUS has a more than 50 minutes flight endurance under the guaranteed battery margin of safety, which has obvious advantages in long-time flight missions.

50km of flight distance

PARUS can reach a cruising speed of 60km / h and a maximum speed of 100km / h, achieving an average cruising range of 50km under the safety margin. It can easily accomplish large-scale and long-range flight tasks such as power patrolling and photovoltaic check-off.

10km HD video transmission

PARUS ,equip with ZIYAN high-definition video transmission system. The design of this system is based on software and radio SDR development , the bottom of communication 4G network LTE physical layer, combined with OFDM and Turbo coding and other advanced communication algorithms, has strong anti-multipath effect and Error correction capability. Figure transmission of digital communications up to 10Mbps, the effective transmission distance up to 10km.

10x HD PTZ camera

PARUS equip with three-axis zoom PTZ, and 10x optical zoom lens, applicable to the inspection of various industries, The infrared thermography camera can also be selected for the work at night or other circumstances

Intelligent tablet operation

The ground station APP uses a simple and convenient interactive design to provide a variety of intelligent route planning for user selection.The PARUS can cooperate with the ground station to carry out BLOS flight, area scanning, one button return, even intelligent operation of moving base landing . Coupled with the external handle, the user can control the flight and attitude of the aircraft in real time, easy to operate the entire operation, truly simplified operation.


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Comment by Giovanni Esposito on December 18, 2017 at 4:38am

Are you using a fixed pitch propeller on the tail?  What's the size of the main rotor? Any flying videos?

Comment by Andrew Rabbitt on December 19, 2017 at 7:14pm

What caused the great concern...?


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