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  • I was just being cheeky  :)

  • Chris, it shows that you clicked on "Like" the blog post.  I guess it looks like you "like" the UAV crash.  I'm sure that's not the intent.

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    Scott: ??

  • Hey Chris,

    How come you liked this?    :)

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    Thats bad...

    I will do what ever I can to ship a new X8 frame to you. The only problem is I only have the EPS foam version and thats just not good enough without glass fibre reinforcement. The EPO version of the X8 will be ready within one month, but I guess thats too late.



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    Sorry about the bad luck, Glue it back together and try again, Manta it has some more life still! 

  • Unfortunately 433 is a no go in Australia.   :(


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    Sorry to head about the crash. Lockout's on the old 35-72mhz PCM/PPM systems was sadly just a part of the game, and I think the reason why 2.4ghz took over in a flash. Is it possible to use 433mhz in the competition? With the popularity of FPV, of the shelf R/C 433mhz diversity systems are available.

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