More than 40 Drones aircraft to sprinkle pesticide in Jining city,China ! The scene is spectacular look at the villagers

"Using Drone aerial vehicle drugged efficiency is really too high, 10 acres of 10 minutes to play finished, do not pressure wheat, spraying evenly, really fast and good!"

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April 26, Zoucheng north of the town of wheat, with more than 40 unmanned aircraft rapid roar over, the drug evenly sprayed on wheat leaf, efficient flight prevention operations so that the presence of the masses are praise.

Unmanned plant protection machine flying prevention services by the Jining great Xinjiang Unmanned aircraft Technology Development Co., Ltd. Bear, the biggest advantage of the unmanned plant protection machine is the independent backstage flight data management platform, which can supervise and trace the spraying area, flow rate, height and spraying areas, and has a fixed high radar system,

variable spraying system and planning automatic operation mode. , with automatic flight and manual operation function, the radar can be highly imitated flight, the application of more accurate, more uniform spraying, no heavy spray, leakage phenomenon, can achieve pesticide reduction control harm.



Single-machine can fly 500 mu per day, compared with the efficiency of artificial control nearly 30 times times, to enhance the agricultural plant protection to respond to outbreaks, epidemic diseases and insect pests emergency handling capacity. At present, the wheat is in the flowering period, it is the wheat scab, rust, small aphid and other major pest control of the best period, the organization of the large-scale unmanned plant protection aircraft, into the unmanned plant protection machine 60 simultaneous operations, and led around the same period for the unified control, The aim is to reduce the epidemic risk of wheat pests and diseases and ensure the safety of wheat production in our city.


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ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones

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