mRo Power Zero with Dual internal Power Supply

This is a renewed high-quality power module standard based on the ACSP7 but with dual internal power supply to improve the stability of the hall-sensing.

The mRo Power Zero from mRobotics is designed especially for the DIY community and it offers extremely accurate measurements across the entire current & voltage operating range with a non-invasive Hall-effect current sensor for UAV / Robotics application and high precision voltage dividing circuit for consistent and reliable measurements.

Compared to the ACSP7, the .5v offset is removed and the current sensing is compared with a dedicated power reference. The integrated electrolytic capacitor reduces voltage spikes which result from longer input cable lengths and higher voltage batteries.


Power Module

mRo Power Zero


18mmx18mm (.70"x.70")

Height: 7.30 mm (0.28")


2.5g (0.08 oz)

Maximum input voltage

50.4v 12s lipo

Max Current Sensing

90 Amps

Max Current from 5.3V Power Supply

2 Amps


Ardupilot & PX4



If you want to make your own cables and route them to connect it to your autopilot, you can simply follow the order of the pinouts as it is the same Dronecode standard.



If you want to configure it on Mission Planner, you can follow this instructions.

Have fun!, and remember that “Without electricity, there can be no art.”

Pedro Matabuena
Twitter: @pmatabuena

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