Everything was normal with the landing. For a long time, we noticed a lot of airplanes coming real close. Then right near the runway he firewalled the throttle & pulled up harder than any commercial pilot ever did. Thought he came in too low, aborted & we were probably going to die like our aunt. Thought about Major Marcy harder than we ever did before as the Air bus roared & fought for altitude.

As we rose above the clouds, it became clear we weren't going to be destroyed, it really was an aborted landing, & it was probably a near miss. Got a photo right before the abort & right after, containing the offending aircraft. The pilot announced it was a near miss but tried to play it down.

This was right before the abort. Was thinking how big our neighbor looked when...

Real steep angle of attack & full throttle. Those flaps retracted faster than we ever saw.

Makes you wonder what autonomous passenger planes will be like. The pilot said the panic climb was a standard maneuver in response to a computer warning & not a human call.

Suspect there would be a lot more panic aborts if a computer was unconditionally responding to radar. Maybe a computer could figure out if the near miss required a panic climb or a gradual increase in speed.

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Comment by Matthew M on August 3, 2010 at 11:34pm
It's called ACARS

Comment by Brian on August 4, 2010 at 10:02pm
ACARS... Does quite abit for what it is. Surprised there hasn't been a major upgrade or replacement (although I'm sure some in it's 30+ years as a system). That internet based system sounds like a bunch of work for guys like me :) Maybe I'll start applying for GS job in the FAA...

or not!


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