New aerial video platform

3689405638?profile=originalThis is the latest Flying Multicopter Camera system. It uses the Panasonic HDC-TM900. The arms are on rubber mounts and only move if there is any vibration. The motors are Pulso X2826/12 Kv 760 they have 5mm shafts and are three bearing. They run very smoothly compared to the MK3538's. Three axis of inner stabilisation on the camera mount plus three outer on the model itself. It is made from balsa, plywood and insulation foam covered with epoxy resin and lightweight cloth. Strong, light and it floats. Rock steady imagery, even when zoomed to 80X. Still waiting to get the latest code for the FC. The only bit that I really need help with.
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  • can you give me the design please ?
    CnC autocad file

  • Hi.  This looks very nice and is pretty much what I'm wanting to build (except I'm going for an X-8 configuration).  Can you recommend any other motors that would do what you are doing?  (that might be reliable and available in the U.S)?  No one here seems to stock the motors you are using.  Thank you.


  • Denny, you say it's stabilized in 6 axis. But I cant see the pan axis. Does the quadcopter fly stable enough in the pan axis? I mean the heding? ther has to be some instability in the pan axis... Maybe the camera stabilizer eats it up...


  • Very Cool!!   How much does it weigh?   Did you need to change pids in 2.0.35?
  • This is the latest modification
  • 3692237850?profile=original
  • This has 4 - 2826/12 Pulso motors 14x4.5 props. 1 meter across the motors and running 2.0.35 code. Nice to fly!

    It floats - just. Much better endurance than the previous one. 

  • That one is now old hat. This is the latest. You can find some old videos on Vimeo but I'm working on some good ones right now. This one has the best lift efficiency yet tested. 3692237298?profile=original
  • Denny,

    Awesome work, best I've seen

     I'd love to see your videos!



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    Very nice, and thanks for the explanations in your comments.  I'm learning a lot and looking forward to your videos!
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