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New Ning apps--which should we use?

I'm beta testing the new third-party apps platform that Ning will be rolling out soon and trying to decide which are right for us. At the moment, any app I add to the network will appear on every member's profile page (as well as the front page) so I need to choose carefully. One of the more useful ones is a wiki, which you can see I've enabled in the tab above right (but haven't done anything with it yet). The question is what's the best use for it. Options include: 1) Use it for ArduPilot and Blimpduino documentation. (Paparazzi uses a wiki like this, but they're a stand-alone site, not a community). 2) Use it as a group-editable list of UAV resources, replacing my out of date list. 3) Use it for general how-to instructions, group created and group editable. What do you think? Vote/discuss in the comments, please. There are also a lot of other apps. The whole list is for beta testers but here are most of them in the most relevent, ecommerce, collaboration and communications: Would any of these be useful for us? Remember that if I enable them they show up on every profile page, so we should pick only those with the broadest application. (This may change in the future, but it's the way apps work on Ning now) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------






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  • 3D Robotics
    Unfortunately, the Ning app wiki that's now in beta sucks (no navigation between pages and super slow). I had to take it down. Here's hoping they improve it soon.
  • A wiki is also a good way to collaborate on goals and project definitions... such as GCS software.
  • I was going to suggest a wiki, but you already read my mind. I'd like to expand your post on regulations (Are UAV's legal?) and convert it to a page dedicated to the regulatory aspects of UAVs (in this country and others) with some links to official resources. A wiki is the perfect way to do that so others can collaborate and correct inaccurate information. I really like all the information on this site, but the information could benefit from the organization that a wiki brings versus long discussion threads. Although those threads certainly have there place and tend to lead up to the creation of wiki pages.
  • Sometimes a poll would be great. (What would you like to have worked on first: a or b?)
  • I'll vote for Wiki...
  • 3D Robotics
    Howard, I'm afraid I'm limited to the forum tools that Ning has. Or where you just thinking of more granular categories?
  • I am always down for a good wiki.
  • A buy/sell/trade area of the forum would probably be easier to set up than a 3rd party app, though the concept is good.

    This isn't on your list, but I'd like to see a different organization for the forum - the high level navigation page provides very little useful information in comparison to what you get from typical forum layouts.
  • Wiki and an Ecommerce application so one can post items wanted and for sale.

    Ecommerce would be a good place to get rid of surplus parts, look for hard to find parts, buy kits. As a community we would need to police its members and set rules for transactions.
  • Wiki sounds the most useful.
    Perhaps google docs could be used for documentation also?
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