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  • Si c'est dans le Sud alors ca va !!! :-)

  • Non je suis à la Cité Universitaire de Paris (sud de paris). The shot was as usual at University City of PARIS (south of paris).

  • Lol Grizouille

    Patrice, il est classe ton octo, mais nous fait pas la page des fait divers please, sa ferai du tord a nous tous :p

    Try your nearest Paris Saint Germain football field :) (là t'est en Seine saint Denis ? )

  • having protection around the props is a good start but it wont matter much if at hits someone at 20 kph as it falls out of the sky with no control due to a catastrophic failure of some kind.

    seriously you are doing realy good work but you need to test its capabilities away from people. the point of a flight test is to validate what you think will happen, that doesn't mean that it is going to happen the way you think and i have had all sorts of things go wrong that i never planed on so i find an area that has as few people as possible and if there are any i ask them to please stay behind me while i fly a new set up or test a new capability

    when flying to do filming i may have people in the shots but i still would not fly in as crowded an environment as you do. PLEASE be safe i would hate to here that there was an antecedent that hurt someone

  • Ha le parisien vaut mieux l'avoir en journal ;)

  • C'est pas grave Patrice tu peux voler tranquille ceux sont juste des Parisiens !!!

  • I will put protection around my propeller very soon.




  • Moderator

    Nice experiment!

    Patrice seems to catch quite a flogging each time he posts here. We all do what we can to get all the flying time in that's possible. Do we know whether or not this is an RC friendly park? These sights may be common-place in that area.

  • BTW, what a bitter feeling it is when people start slowly walking to you and/or your copter, full of curiosity... right? :)

  • Patrice, did you try to tie the bottle to the frame?

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