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3689485602?profile=originalOpenRelief is a project to build a UAV that can use advanced image processing to quickly identify information on the ground that can help relief workers. It uses APM as the autpilot and Raspberry Pi for image processing. The plan is to be able to quickly identify smoke, roads and people from the air to "help disaster relief efforts see through fog".


You can read more about the technical details in this pdf, but there are some slides and video from that below:





(Thanks to Andrew Zoli for the tip!)

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  • Which communication between RPi and APM is the best/stable?

  • Developer

    Cool! I have a RPi in my bixler now, but doesn't do anything yet, so I might try something like this!

  • This is very interesting. Image processing can only become more accessible with great projects like Parallella and Raspberry Pi being developed.

  • @Thomas,

    Interesting!  I think there is a Pi/ROS/Neato 'bot in our club.  I'm currently planning on using the mini-ITX. 


  • Admin

    This combination of APM and Raspberry Pi with image processing might be perfect for the Robomagellan competition!



  • Wish they used bigger images.  Did it say open relief?  Can't read it.

  • Following; the potential is massive.

  • That's a good looking plane.  The vision stuff is fascinating.  I could see starting with a synthetic model of the environment and the vision tricks are used to fill in with real and useful data.   

  • They could sure use this in the north east right now

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