Congrats to the QGroundControl team who have just released version 3.5 of my fave GCS. Along with a lot of bug fixes, these are the new features:

  • Overall
    • Added Airmap integration to QGC. OSX build only.
    • Bumped settings version (now 8). This will cause all settings to be reset to defaults.
    • Added Chinese and Turkish localization and partial German localization.
    • Added support for the Taisync 2.4GHz ViUlinx digital HD wireless link.
    • Fix loading of parameters from multiple components. This especially affected WiFi connections.
    • ArduPilot Support for ChibiOS firmware connect and flash.
  • Settings
    • RTK Add support for specifying fixed RTK based station location in Settings/General.
    • GCS Location
      • Added UDP Port option for NMEA GPS Device.
      • GCS heading shown if available
  • Plan
    • Polygons Support loading polygons from SHP files.
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern Add stop photo/video support. Defaults to on such that doing an RTL will stop camera.
    • Edit Position dialog Available on polygon vertices.
  • Fly
    • Camera Page Updated support for new MAVLInk camera messages. Camera select, camera mode, start/stop photo/video, storage mangement...
    • Orbit Support for changing rotation direction.
    • Instrument Panel
      • Added ESTIMATOR_STATUS values to new estimatorStatus Vehicle FactGroup. These are now available to display in instrument panel.
      • Make Distance to GCS available for display from instrument panel.
      • Make Heading to Home available for display from instrument panel.

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Comment by benbojangles on February 20, 2019 at 3:55pm

Great! I have just installed on Mac and it looks cool. Is there a version available for ArmV7?

Comment by Noli Sicad on February 20, 2019 at 5:15pm


It supports Ardupilot ChibiOS firmware connect, flash and configure settings in MacOS now.

It works well MacOS Sierra.



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