Hi, I am still having problems to get my radio controls in order for my hexa. 

After a couple days of absence, I tried again today to get my radio calibrated, and it still didn't work.
I did receive a message after all from the supplier. I send them a picture of my receiver connections and they said they were right, that is after I changed sides for the cables as was suggested.
I also changed receiver and 8CH transmitter (as I have 2, the second one meant for videography later). It is a Walkera 8CH. Still no success.
I put on the transmitter in plane mode today, put on lippo after taking out the 4-power-wires, connected the USB to MP, clicked on connect with success (a red LED blinks in the receiver), clicked on APM setup in firmware, clicked on calibrate radio in the radio setup,  I see the green bars and small red lines, but when I move the sticks on my transmitter to go to the maximum, these green bars don't move at all. I only have 1500 readings, which mean no connection, no ?  What am I doing wrong ?

I did this inside so no GPS lock and no internet connection, as I supposed this was not necessary for radio setup, but maybe I'm wrong.

Can anybody help me out maybe ? It's frustrating I still couldn't fly my hexa after more then two weeks.

Thanks. Filip

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Comment by Chris Anderson on December 26, 2011 at 10:22am

Just a note from the Moderators: this, like all questions, should have been posted in the Discussion Forum, not as a blog post. It slipped through the moderator queue and now has lots of comments, so I'll leave it up. But in the future, such wrongly-placed posts will be returned to the author with a request to repost in the right place 

Comment by filip vandamme on December 29, 2011 at 10:16pm


please help me out some further ....

But I moved to the discussion forum ....



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