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  • Hi Paolo, in principle any sensor cluster should work but the drivers for these chips need to be implemented/integrated...

    You can also fly it manually (the video also shows a manual flight).

  • Is it possible to use the MinIMU-9? I can use PenguPilot without the GPS module?

  • Yes. I want to know how to run first file. I want to print value angle out.

  • Please check this tutorial:

    Have you already built the hardware?

    Wiki. Contribute to PenguPilot/wiki development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • how to run firmware?

  • Now that is a "Pi in the sky" idea.

  • Awesome !

  • lol :) yes it's old school 35 MHz

  • Nice work!

    At first i thought, that the drone is balancing a stick on top, and was totally amazed, what actually it is, is an old school rc antenna :)

  • However, on the U3 we have to use I2C bit-banging, which sucks somehow... on the Pi we can use a real I2C controller.

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