RC Airplane Racing at Yantai city,China, 200 hobby student joined it

The Rc airplane Race  returned to the National Games event. On the 21st, the Yantai City 7th National Fitness Games Aeromodelling Competition was held in Yantai Hi-tech Zone Experimental Middle School. From the 16 teams in the Yanwei area, nearly 200 aeromodelling enthusiasts gathered to perform an air showdown.

The aviation model is a pioneer of the aircraft. In the practice field of flying, which is extremely complicated, difficult to grasp and has a great risk, the model aircraft has become a pioneer in its exploration because of its uniqueness. It has played an indelible historical role in the birth of the aircraft. Lin Zhitao, deputy director of the Yantai Sports Bureau, said that the restoration of the Yantai model competition is a good thing to improve the quality of citizens and raise the level of science and technology. It is also a major event in vigorously developing the aerospace movement and enhancing the image of the city.

The model competitions were divided into competitions and performances. The adult team will compete in six projects including through-machine racing, fixed-wing model wear gantry, electric gliders, two-on-two remote-controlled air combat (electric), aerial photography, and multi-rotor land-based investigation; primary and secondary school teams will compete Remote control four-axis aircraft mission flight time trials, rubber band powered gl

ider, suspension paper plane around the standard, hand throwing paper plane linear distance and other four championships.

At the competition scene, children up to 5 years of age and up to 100-year-olds all have their own favorite models and are eager to try. In the field of rubber gliding powered gliders, the reporter saw that in accordance with the referee's password, the contestants rolled off the model of the aircraft and looked at the trajectory of the model, until the model landed, or because of the results, or because of operational errors disappointed Frustrated.

According to Gu Guorong, president of Yantai Aeromodelling Association, the model sport will be resumed after 24 years. It is also a happy event for Yantai Aeromodelling Team. For this reason, at the National Fitness Games in Yantai, the model contest for the first time also appeared. Gu Guorong expresse

d that he hopes that through this competition, the majority of model aircraft lovers will learn and communicate with each other and jointly improve and promote the development of Yantai City's model aircraft movement.

On March 1 this year, the official website of the General Administration of Sport of China formally announced the "General Rules for the Competition Rules of the 13th People's Games of the People's Republic of China." In this announced competition project, the 24 year air navigation model project has been cancelled. . Yantai model competitions have also begun to re-enter the track. The Yantai Aeromodelling Association, which was established this year, is focusing on promoting the aircraft model science and technology into the campus and the youth model competition. At present, more than 10 schools in the city have carried out popular aviation model activities, which has greatly increased the impact of the model on young people.

"Aeromodelling sports are very helpful for improving students' observatio

n ability and hands-on ability. At the same time, they can also inspire students' scientific thinking and improve the quality of science and technology." Zhang Xiaoyu, a staff member of Yantai City Modeling Association, told reporters that in addition to the National Games, the future model aircraft association More aircraft model competitions for primary and secondary schools will also be organized.

The competition was sponsored by Yantai Sports Bureau and Yantai Sports Federation and organized by Yantai Aeromodelling Sports Association. Yantai Daily Media Group, Yantai Radio & TV Station, Jiaodong Online, Dazhong Network, and Yantai Sports Network co-organized the contest.

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