Sky Eagle Brother Agricultural Drones fly into Vietnam market

April 20, the days of the Eagle Brothers in Vietnam BAC Ninh held a conference, officially launched in the Vietnam Market Eagle Brothers efficient agricultural plant protection solutions. Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and more than 20 provincial government departments, Vietnam partners, the Eagle brothers and so on more than 500 people have witnessed the days of the Eagle Brothers plant protection drones in Vietnam market release time.
The release of this product, not only for Vietnam's modern agriculture to bring more efficient plant protection machinery, but also marks the Eagle Brothers in Southeast Asia market expanded further, for the goal of global layout laid a more solid foundation.

At the press conference, Li Cai, founder of the Eagle Brothers, explained to the participants the development trend of modern agriculture, the opportunity of the agricultural UAV market, and the composition of the plant protection UAV system of the Eagle Brothers. In addition, it has carried out the demonstration of plant protection drone, which attracts local attention and media reports. Demonstration scene, the machine Roar, the crowd, the Sky Eagle Brothers Plant Protection unmanned aerial Vehicle ty-m12l, ty-d10l, TY-787 in the field shuttle, carries on the rice plant protection flying to defend the demonstration, along with the plant protection unmanned aircraft in the paddy field smooth flight, the thin mist liquid spreads evenly on the seedlings,

The high efficiency of its plant protection so that the presence of observers sent bursts of praise. Viet Nam is an agricultural country with an agricultural population of 77%. In recent years, with the development of agricultural cooperatives, the demand for agricultural machinery has risen rapidly.

In addition, the Vietnamese Government vigorously promote the development of modern agriculture, reduce pesticide pollution and heavy metal pollution, encourage the introduction of advanced agricultural equipment, intelligent, efficient, easy to operate plant protection drones market potential. The press conference, the Eagle Brothers Intelligent Plant protection UAV wonderful performance by the Vietnamese government department leaders and local people praise. Eagle Brothers Automated, efficient and accurate plant protection UAV system can achieve high efficiency, large-scale cultivation, promote the development of modern agriculture in Vietnam. The future Eagle Brothers will continue to explore more efficient agricultural production technology, the advanced agricultural UAV technology to the world, so that more people can benefit from automation, intelligent agricultural machinery.

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