SmartAP RTK released

Sky-Drones is introducing SmartAP RTK, this is a perfect addition to the flight controller when positioning precision really matters, it provides centimeter level accuracy. The system is based on the latest UBlox Neo-M8P chipset and is fully integrated across all SmartAP flight controllers and software. Standard telemetry is used to send RTCM corrections via SmartAP GCS. 

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation is a technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems (global navigation satellite systems, GNSS). It uses measurements of the phase of the signal's carrier wave, rather than the information content of the signal, and relies on a single reference station or interpolated virtual station to provide real-time corrections, providing up to centimetre-level accuracy.


  • Centimeter‑level GNSS positioning
  • Integrated Real Time Kinematics (RTK)
  • Smallest, lightest, and energy‑efficient RTK module
  • Complete and versatile solution due to base and rover variants
  • World‑leading GNSS positioning technology
  • UBlox NEO M8P chipset based
  • 25mm ceramic patch antenna
  • GPS / GLONASS support
  • Up to 24 satellites
  • 8 / 5 Hz update rate (GPS / GPS + GLONASS)
  • Rechargeable 3V lithium backup battery
  • Ultra-Low noise 3.3V regulator
  • Power and fix indicator LEDs
  • Exposed RX, TX, 5V and GND pads
  • Integrated magnetometer on airborne module - HMC5883L
  • UART port for GPS interface
  • USB for base station module
  • Airborne module cable length 30 cm
  • Base station module length 3 m
  • Fully compatible with SmartAP Autopilots

Reported accuracy in single mode operation: 


Reported accuracy in RTK Fixed mode: 


Position estimation is at the level of 1-2 cm. 

More information and ordering:

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  • Hi Khadu, yes, in RTK mode the update rate is 8/5Hz and 18/10Hz in single operation mode. 

    SmartAP has temperature compensation in software, it's alright with both 5883 and 5983. 

    Would be nice to take a look, could you, please, share a link or any info? 

    SmartAP has nothing in common with Pixhawk or MissionPlanner. 

  • Hi,

    U-blox M8P 8/5Hz update rate RTK not 18/10Hz.

    The regular HMC5883L compass has no temperature compensation.

    I also am doing RTK GPS, and can offer cheaper prices than the community.

    Is SmartAp clone pixhawk vs missonplanner?


This reply was deleted.