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  • This is some of the mods I did so far...
  • Chris, Who wrote the GS ? I need to ask for some help on modifying it.
  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, I have been watching from the sidelines with admiration. Keep up the great work!
  • Chris, have you been following the work I am doing with a Propeller ?
  • Congr8s to Chris and Jordi.
  • This definitely proves Air Superiority! Go U.S. Air Force!

    Good job Chris and Jordi and all those who worked on this.
  • Well done guys. We can all appreciate how much work it has really taken to get the project to where it is. Congrats.
  • At the rate IMU SW is advancing, next year's winner will just dead reckon with $50 of MEMS sensors
  • Poor 2nd place guy. No plaque for him.
  • Moderator
    Just whip out and get the other 8 spots engraved to save them, the bother ;-)
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