This week I made improvements to the MTP2 and took it for some general flight maneuvers to get a better feel for its abilities, its turning into quite the platform! Don't forget, my end goal is to FPV and then drone this airplane to fly across the United States.

It's flight path was much more stable and direct, the control inputs were not as sensitive, and overall performance was improved.

I made the following improvements this week:
-Leveled (set to neutral) the ailerons and elevator
-Reduced the control surfaces themselves by 50%
-Redesigned the motor mount to allow for better landings
-Placed the motor closer to the center of drag (placed it on the top of the motor mount) 

The belly landings are still destroying the motor mount due to the prop coming into contact with the ground during landing. I've ordered a folding prop in hopes that it will not sacrifice performance and allow belly landings without damaging the motor or airframe.

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    I totally believe in the modular approach to anything you want to be able to repair or upgrade quickly. I think you should try to use some lite-ply over foam for the firewall of your plane as well as the cowl.  With that you'd have enough beef to not jack-up the motor mount on less than perfect landings.  

    Folding prop is a good idea.  With  your goal in mind, you're basically making a long distance glider.  Folding props are the norm on the big gliders with power pods so if you're trying to fly super long distances then I'd bet you'll be trying to glide as much as possible, so the folding prop will help to reduce drag.  Folding during landing is bonus.  

    Looking forward to next weeks episode.

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