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  • hi jim, i am inteding to buy Xtend 1W modems. do you have any litreture on the wiring to connect the airborne side to the APM telemetery port serial out pins and the GCS side to the TTL to USB converter. i am attaching a pic of the TTL-USB converter which i am using with APC220 UART 100mW modem and is working fine.3692293131?profile=original

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    if it is 433 mhz, if the next flight I will use my new 2.4 ghz video

  • values ​​are 0,75  0,9 .... 

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    If possible for you to use other Video link, you will have much better range at 1.2 G or 2.4 G.

    What LRS system do you use at 400 mhz? Most LRS use 433Mhz.

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    Why do you use such extreme P vaues of PID settings . I see numbers from 75 to 899 for P. If i put this in my APM servos go nuts....

  • Thanks Jim, Excelllent video.

  • unfortunately blocked the video audio track. to canada.
    here is an unedited excerpt

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    Confirm... get the same message trying to view some streaming content lately off the Network sites.


  • Strange, cannot view the video in Canada. Some EMI copyright bs prevents it?


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