Erle Robotics continue working towards improving ROS support and creating packages that people can use to build applications.

APMCopter and ROS (roscore and mavros) is running on Erle-Brain. Through mavros someone can have control of the autopilot from ROS. Also it's possible to see how the values are changing in APM Planner.

The following shows a simple interface where is possible to visualize the flight mode and the state of the drone (armed or disarmed). It's possible to change the state of the flight mode using the comboBox. The code is available in github[1]

Also it's possible to override the radio control, the virtual joysticks are configure in mode 2 (left joystick: throttle and yaw,right: pitch and roll).
In the following video we explain how to use a color filter to control a quadcopter. In the first part of the video It explains how to tune the color filter in a color and in the second part how the controller is working, the controller can change throttle, pitch and roll. The code is available in github[2].
We'd love to hear your opinion about which ROS abstractions you'd like to see in Erle-Brain.


[1] Source Code: https://github.com/erlerobot/ros_erle_teleoperation

[2] Source Code: https://github.com/erlerobot/ros_erle_computervision_teleoperation

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  • Thanks John, we are creating a web-based interface that would allow us to see the video feed in realtime as well as calibrating the color of the object to track. With this we'll be able to calibrate easily and change targets from smartphones and tablets.

    Shouldn't take too much to port our current Qt code. It'll be released as an open source app for the app store for drones we launched with Canonical.

  • Very interesting development for flight management, from several viewpoints.

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