Thanks for everyone's help!


Canyon Cruiser from DriftShot on Vimeo.

I've been lurking for a year now and wanted to share some stuff that all of you helped me to accomplish! A custom FY680 that I've extended out to an 800 with a naza m, sunny sky's and 12" props. The landing gear is balsa with pipe fittings totaling about $10 in materials. The backpack was one that I found at target that splits in half for tsa or.....fpv haha. Check out the website at Also here's a video that turned out pretty nice



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  • Nice build mate! I've got almost the same setup, what battery's are you running?
  • Its getting around 23 minutes fully loaded, I cut weight while reinforcing where ever I could by making custom wiring harness's for everything and eliminating excess parts. I'm weighing in at about 2.9 kg. Still have some very new ideas left to try out.

  • Nice! That's pretty similar to my hexa 800 build. Cept for the 15in props.

    Any cool specs, weight, and flight time data?

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