The ArduFGControl is a PC application which allows you to test and tune your Ardupilot CPU board with the Flight Gear Simulator. FlightGear is a free and an open source flight simulator developped by Curtis Olson. The ArduFGControl is a gateway between the Ardupilot board through the FTDI cable (com port) with FlightGear through the network UDP ports. The FlightGear model used here is a Rascal 110So, with this application you may test at home your Ardupilot during this cold winter...The full software can be downloaded at : on Windows Vista SP2 on Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T250 @2.00 Ghz ( perf ind: 4.8 )Have fun,Jean-Louis Naudin

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  • Hi Jean-Louis,

    Nice work on the HILS sim.

    I wanted to know the data(or the variables) being sent to FGFS from ArduFGcontrol on  port 5600 & What is being read on port 5700.

    Also, wanted to know if you going to open source your code..


  • Hi. Congrats on the nice HIL simulation!

    I would like to look at the possibility of using some of your integration code to make code that can enable us to use Flightgear HIL with MatrixPilot. I think Flightgears aeromodels (that are based on JBSSim) are much better suited to model aircraft simulation compared to the Blade Element theory models implemented in X-plane. X-plane's blade element theory implementation isnt meant top be used for small aircraft and large simulation inaccuracies occur.

    Are you planning to release the source code or has it already been released?
  • Where is the source code of ArduFGControl?
  • 6 Should I press some bottom at FlyGear to start?
  • What is a sequence of running programs?
  • Hello,

    I try to use this configuration:
    And I have some problems
    1. Should I change a code at ArduFlight v2.4.7 for this config?
    2. Then I download code only "power" led on and "status" is flashing. Is it a normal?
    (At your pic Mux led is on)
    3. If I push "Reset" bottom only power is on. Is it a normal? Condition described at 2 happend only after power off/on.
    4. If I push "Reset" with running ArduFGControl program crashed.
  • With the rascal, I'm getting an awful amount of oscilations back and forth during route to waypoint. completely overshooting the bearing each time... Is this normal?
  • Jean, the correct link is;
  • Hi Jean !
    Following link to Plane "Rascal_0.1" is not working
    pl. update for the link in your blog.
  • Hello Jean-Louis
    This program seems to be exactly what my team is looking for. We are building our own autopilot system. Is it possible for your program to receive yaw controls in addition to pitch roll and throttle?
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