The easiest way to mount APM2 on ArduCopter.

You'll need 4 rubber rings ~1.5-2cm diameter, ( used on prop-savers ) and 4 M3x10mm Spacers.

Just squeeze it through the hole:

 and lock it on the spacer:

you can use 4 extra spacers and mount the top plate:Good flying to you all :)

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Comment by Gary McCray on December 2, 2012 at 12:58pm

Great idea, clear fiberglass attenuates GPS signal hardly at all radomes are made from fiberglass.

In response to top plate attenuating GPS signal Black could be a problem as the pigment is carbon which absorbs RF and is used in Stealth airplanes for exactly that reason.

Some plastics even clear (Polycarbonate, Lexan) do attenuate RF somewhat.

The vast majority of plastics consist primarily of carbon long chain molecules but each plastic has its own RF absorption and attenuation characteristics.

I think that this sort of suspension mount for the APM needs to have enough tension to keep the board from noticeable movement when experiencing fast flight maneuvers to prevent significant control lag, but the primary isolation provided is still going to be good for high frequency damping and impact damage resistance from hitting the ground too hard. 

Comment by Jake H on December 5, 2013 at 12:36am

Has this setup been tested in cold weather?  I'm wondering if the rubber rings get hard and lose their benefits.


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