This is why we picked Arduino--it's taking over the world!

A fun analysis by Sparkfun on the world domination of Arduino over the past couple years. More people are searching for it than even the once-dominant Microchip (maker of the PIC chips). No wonder that Sparkfun reports that: "Microchip wanted to meet with us because they were interested in creating an 'Arduino' like board using a PIC processor. Microchip finally began to understand what it means to get people early, and using their hardware, and Microchip was sensing (rightfully) that they were losing market share to this thing called Arduino. "

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Comment by bGatti on January 5, 2010 at 12:19pm
If one gets the protocols right, then the implementing hardware is far less important, as it would becomes (relatively) trivial to replace one component with another - for example, almost any GPS unit can be used because the protocol is standard. If - and this has yet to occur, but if standards existed for the other components, (such as servocontroller/failsafe, IMU/IR, mission controller) and assuming these sub systems were modularized, then mix-n-match becomes a reality.

With respect to improvements in "performance" I wonder if more power is better than more sub-systems. If the IMU had its own mcu, (and gps connector), then the IMU could be a complete location estimator, and there is a logical end to the feature set; likewise, if servo control is an isolated board, then 4 channels per board is a finite computational problem - and an unlimited topology.

Under the current scheme of adding features to a single process, every feature is compromised by the addition of the latest feature, as timeslices are divided by more and more demanding subroutines.
Comment by Gunnar Forsgren on November 5, 2010 at 5:28pm
Arduino is like "from people" while PIC is from a company.
I still like the Microchip Brutus downloader and IDE.
It gives a sense of the board being alive from the start while Arduino boards seem like dead before you actually upload something.


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