Unmanned is the work of Sterling Cripps Chief Operations Officer at the CCUVS ( http://www.ccuvs.com/ ) .

It's a study book for those who want to take either the CCUVS or the pliot training course ( http://pilottraining.ca/store/catalog.php?item=40 ) to obtain a pilot certification to fly UAS in Canadian airspace following TC requirement for the UAS pilot  ( Knowledge Requirements  for  Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems UAV 25 kg or less,  Operating within Visual Line of Sight  http://www.tc.gc.ca/media/documents/ca-publications/TP_15263E.pdf )

The book is 152p long with 7p of Annexes. The content is divided in 7 sections:
 - The UAS: definition, history, payloads, the SFOC,
 - The UAS : Configuration, rotary wing, power source and engine, construction material,
 - Theory of flight : theory of flight , flight instrumentation,
 - Aerodromes and airspace: Aerodromes, Canadian airspace, us airspace, traffic rules and procedures,
 - Aviation weather: the atmosphere, clouds, pressure, wind, temperature, ... weather information,
 - Air navigation : latitude/longitude, earths magnetism, units of distance and speed, aeronautical charts,
 - Radio : Radios, radio procedures, radio communications facilities.

While this study book is intended to Canadians (with sections exclusively about Canada regulations), all UAS pilot will found great information about the drones, weather, radio operations.

You can purchase this book at Calgary Pilot Supply ( http://pilotshop.ca/ ) or at Pilot Trainig ( http://www.pilottraining.ca/ ).

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