Visual Studio 2010 Professional Free Offer

It was already possible for students and teachers to obtain a free version of Visual Studio 2010 Professional but now this Microsoft offer has been extended to a number of other groups. One group being any individual who is thinking about becoming a web developer.


The extended Microsoft offer provides immediate download and 3 year license for a huge range of products such as Visual Studio 2010 Professional. This appears to open the door to Visual Studio to just about everyone in the arduino community.


To take advantage of the offer you will need to sign up for the free Microsoft WebSiteSpark program. Once you have signed up you will see a big button allowing you sign up for downloads. The big button actually signs you up to the microsoft developer network (msdn).


On msdn you will see a large list of available downloads on your msdn downloads page. Choose a Visual Studio 2010 Professional download from the list and install it. To the right of each "download link" is a link that will show your personal license key for the selected product (keep it private).


The addin is already blogged about so I won't go into any detail. The Visual Micro site provides download and  information about the addin. The picture below provides an idea of available features.



The addin makes developing arduino faster, easier and more enjoyable. However there is also a massive gallery of other useful tools for Visual Studio. You can view the Visual Studio Gallery here

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Comment by Zafer Daştan on October 31, 2011 at 2:13am

I think we use open IDE for Open Project(s).

Comment by ThomasB on October 31, 2011 at 2:15am

Like DIY Drones is using eagle for layouts?  :)

Comment by AVS on October 31, 2011 at 6:57pm

I have been reading about what happens after 3 years. If we don't want to buy the software (or sign up for some other program) then we get to keep some of the software for free.

This offer also seems ideal for groundstation phone drone developers. The package includes all of the software required to setup a "testing server" (local web server) and many great reporting and analysis tools.

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