Well seems time to be off now.

setup disassembly check

This is actually 3rd time after two manual mode unsuccessfull maidens due to prop fails on this setup.

The basekit is x-uav

it has v-tail mixes allover,

so it moves two channels mixing them.

Now I begin to see too many possible failure points,

to eliminate them all entire being is barely enough)

The motor is one third too low kV,

Booting up 9X makes 3 secs of aileron limit hit pwm.

(however after recollecting link from control Tx does not affect)

Arduplane on apm 2.6 with external GPS and compass module

telemetry 433 dipole – rubberduck wound ant


868 mHz radio link, dipole – both sides.

Video – 1,2 GHz, cloverleafes

mobius actioncam and switching bottom ccd cam.3689610968?profile=original

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  • I'm interested if there is a recommended payload listed for the x-uav somewhere

  • well, cg is exactly spot on.

    interesting thoughts on weight.

    i'd say all reinforcement including hinges, v tail rails, lamination has added about 200 grams,

    10000 in two bricks of 4s 5Ah full way possible to the front edge.

    reinforcing tail took extra ~80 grams, hinges + v tail carbon rod repair was balanced with adding front cctv dome.

    the heaviest part are lipo batteries so far all the way to the front.

    may i try get only one even closer to the front.

    what location would you choose for telemetry (best position for dipole antenna)f

    what locatioin for the external 3701806840?profile=originalgps module

    I decided to reposition it and tried to remove of the frame, but the metal shielding came off straight away, as well as the backup lithium battery did,

    so i resoldered the rf shield patiently, checked the battery - it was 1V only,

    so decided to salvage housing and new battery from old motherboard, still 3 volts, ha)

  • Moderator

    Just the stock one on the RTFs now I can't remember the size off hand now. Its not too big.

  • Eduard

    Sorry to say, but you made your Talon way too heavy for easy flying.

    As Gary said, get rid of the heavy prop, see if you can strip off all that covering you have on.

    First get it flying with just the basic electronics.

    Try to get the wing extension kit.

    There are lots of Talon's flying quite successfully, nothing wrong with properly set up airframe.....

    Gary, what motor do you use?

  • Moderator

    Well they do say the only thing to add to an aircraft is lightness. I would certainly remove all the extras before trying to fly again. Is the centre of gravity right on the marks on the wing? It looks like you have a large motor, heavy prop, heavy hinges and extra weight in magnets at the tail. So maybe the CG is too far back?

    If it gets airborne keep the nose down and build speed before the climb, its a fast airframe but will produce lots of drag if you just pull up. Find a little hill in the launch site if you have to but loosing weight would seem the first thing to do.

    Personally I would get rid of the folding prop. Lots of weight doing nothing.

    On a 4S stock motor and 11 X 6 prop my one climbs almost vertically its just fine on 3S. I do use the wing extensions. 

  • I wonder if this plane is bit weighty not to suffer from stiff/unplanned landings,

    what measures should be taken to operate this uav without having repairing issues

    after each landing

  • 3701806575?profile=originalForgot to mention, full metal hinges used after two falls, dome from cctv cam adopted with all inside plastic housing.

    plane laminated with 0,09 transparent lamination film,

    front edges reinforced with thin strip 0,22 glassfiber solid film on thin layer of hotglue.

    some unset kevlar for reinforcing edges used as well on hot glue.

    motor is 3540 1000kV ntm PropDrive.

    Started with hobbyking 13/6 fiber folding prop (right side).

    turned out to be not capable of dragging all the plane with 10000 mAh 4s.

    Plane has fallen from the start with not enough speed after ~10 meters after handlaunch.

    Second prop used was apc 13/10, seemed enough thrust, was lucky enough to speed up after manual lounch and fly level for ~60 meters, draining ~80A has torn both parts apart and damaged the stabilizer badly.

    Now got 3 sets of props 12/6.5, 13/6.5, 14/6

    took 12/6.5 for tests - ~80A on 4s 100%, seems it needs a 1250kV motor or - which is the best way to bring down to 70% or so.

    Thank you for the info!

    that is truly appreciated.

  • Moderator

    @Gustav I flew at 100m the other day and was shocked by the improved performance I always forget when I go down to sea level just how much more air there is. Also how much extra payload. I don't fly mine much above 2.7kg AUW. The extensions made a massive difference at altitude. 


  • He said he gets just over an hour per 12000 3sp3 pack

    Prop failure sounds really strange, you mean your prop breaks? how many rpm do you get with your motor setup? what type of prop are you using?

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