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At 8:14am on January 16, 2015, Marco Cruz said…

There are two possible options to reinforce the nose of the X-8. the firs one is clearly detailed here. 


The second option is something that I'm working on right now, but simply said is a longitudinal piece "or Pieces" of plywood" that you first need to cut along from at least 75% of the length from the back to the front "Literally sectioning the plane in two parts, leaving a gap that is exactly the thickness of the plywood that will replace the missing part, then epoxy it. "Ho yeah don't forget to trim the wood so you don't need to trim it when is already cured in side of the plane.. and them just reinforce the plane as you can see that I have done it.. if you need to you can contact me any time you want to at <jugernutpower@gmail.com>

At 10:37am on January 16, 2015, Marco Cruz said…

Thanks for accepting me as your friend, it is greatly appreciated.

At 10:46am on January 16, 2015, Divya said…

My pleasure! Thanks for your suggestion

At 11:08am on January 16, 2015, Marco Cruz said…

Where are you? I'm hoping to fly at least once wit you?? 

At 5:24am on May 17, 2019, Marco Cruz said…

Did you repair the plane?? have you purchase an other one!!! if you have done so, the best thing you can do is to build a Fiber Glass Mold (make sure the mold goes alltheway to the shoulders where the wings start) of the entire bottom nose, in that way you can make repairs. more important is that you can make a good and strong bottom reinforcement of the nose of the plane before you fly... Hope to hear from you soon! 

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