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At 8:32am on February 10, 2009, Viper UAV Project said…
Hi, yes joining our efforts would be the best, and all help is realy apriciated.
I am right now playing with the xbee 2.5 modules for the planed remote build, i want to make.since i only have a old 72mhz 4 ch remote for my combatwing,
i want to make my own remote like the guys from draganflyer.com i love the remote they have for the x6.

Best regards Oliver
At 5:44pm on June 10, 2009,
Mark Colwell
I have both Sf 6DF & Sf 5DF IMU boards (5DF needs minor repairs, I have 3rd gyro to convert to 6DF) want to adapt Bill Ps DCM algorithms to Arduino 368 but need help with C , I am a FileMaker Pro systems developer, with some scripting but not proficient in C, C+, but I seem understand Jordi's the code when I see it. I have 3 Ardupilots and want to control a T-Rex 600 or Centurry Swift 550, both have several hours flight time, The others are for a large 3M wing, and a 100" Big Birdi glider converted with a Twin 450 brushless motors, I live in Colorado Springs and work in Denver, so a trip to NM is doable. I also was a Test / Project engineer for B2 bomber at Edwards AFB
At 5:45pm on July 1, 2009,
Thomas J Coyle III

Since you have assembled and programmed an ArduStation, please comment on what I have found out below:

I was about ready to program the ArduStation through the FTDI connector, but I noticed on the schematic and through a continuity measurement that the third pin from the right on the ArduStation board FTDI connector is hooked to the +5v on the ArduStation board.

What is the intent of providing +5v on the FTDI connector if the FTDI connector is powered by the USB connection?

Is it safe to use either the Sparkfun 3.3v FTDI board or the Ardafruit FTDI cable with +5v on the ArduStation board FTDI power pin (3rd pin from the right)?

I assume that the ArduStation board is powered up using its own power supply during the programming?

I have both the Sparkfun 3.3v FTDI board and the Adafruit FTDI cable. I am very tempted to cut the Vcc pin off of the ArduStation FTDI header since it serves no purpose in relation to the operation of the FTDI board/cable.

Jordi has not responded to this problem yet.

At 2:06pm on July 11, 2009, Xander said…
Earl, did you ever have any luck getting the motionplus and nunchuck going over i2c at the same time? (without having it swap between initializing them)
At 7:21am on August 7, 2009, Danilo Marques Figueiredo said…
Hi Earl,

Thanks a lot for the help!!!

Best Regards
At 9:17am on February 25, 2010, Shahrukh Arif said…
Hi Earl,

I am a student at Georgia Tech working on hooking up the ardupilot to a eflight apprentice airframe. I have no experience whatsoever with rc planes or PID controllers at all. I saw on someone else's page that you wrote a comment about using the ardupilot with one of these airframes. I was wondering if you could assist me with setting the gains on the ardupilot.


Shahrukh Arif
At 6:49am on March 16, 2010, Guy Kemmerly said…

Did you get an answer to your July 11 post to Jordi about whether waypoints can be added to the ArduPilot while the airframe is in flight?

At 12:33pm on March 21, 2010, tshado said…
Hi Earl,
We started a discussion a few days ago on the Chat of Diydrones.
I sent you , as we didn't finish it, a Private Message with some questions on the choice of your Tx/Rx RC Radio set.
I apologize if i did it the wrong way.
Please let me know if you prefer that i open a discussion to continue on this subject.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
At 8:14pm on March 1, 2011, jcrubino said…
Were one of the guys working on a Parallax Prop based autopilot?
What has become of the project?
At 2:41am on November 20, 2011, Cronselaar said…

Hi Earl,

How far did you ever progress with using your 6DOF home Acc and gyrocombination? I read all your post on the ardiuno forum and rcgroups but could not tell if you got a working IMU on the ardupilot board.




At 5:36am on December 22, 2013, Tyrell John said…

Hi. Please take a look at my anti poaching Project. http://mrt247.wix.com/project-arrow

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