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At 8:14pm on July 22, 2010, PatrickD said…
Hey James,

Thanks for the info. I am only doing a longitudinal model of the easystar in Simulinkg to check elevator responses based on an optimal controller. I am using your datcom generated tables for the lift, drag and moment coefficients needed based on the angle of attack..
At 9:14am on July 26, 2010, PatrickD said…
At the moment, i have just put in a reasonable values for the lift and pitching moment coefficients due elevator deflection seeing as I had no data. I would be interested if you have more realistic data that you are willing to share. The simulink model is based on simplified longitudinal eq. of motions in wind axis. I have a mathematical constant speed controller in my model to enable it to trim at around 15m/s. I have also implemented an elevator controller based on my supervising teacher work in optimal control.
At 1:47am on November 21, 2010, KnutL said…
Hi James
tnaks for your help. I will give it a try
At 12:12am on February 4, 2011, Tomtom Express said…
Hi James,  I am allocating some time to learn how to fly again.  In the end, I want to control the plane using controls that are connected to the computer.  Have you done anything like this ?  Thanks, Harry
At 5:43am on March 7, 2011, Lars Ulfalk said…

Hi James

While trying to get a home-built autopilot to fly airplanes without ailerons I found your model of Easystar on the oooark. I've been trying to get the autopilot to fly it safely, but it seems my autopilot favors airplanes with ailerons since it has some problems flying that model. I just wanted to check if there's any problems with the model you're aware of, or if you're saitsfied with the way it behaves in the air.


Best regards


At 8:01am on May 14, 2011, dmohankkvr said…

Hi James,

I want to interface ardupilot with scilab, and control my UAV from there. Could you please tell me what toolboxes you have used to interface with ardupilot. Is this simple? and how long does it take to develop this link? i'm totally new to microcontrollers.


Thanks & Regards,


At 8:17am on May 14, 2011, dmohankkvr said…

I will be using Ardupilot Mega. Does this mavsim toolbox come along with scilab? or I have to download it separately and install it. My job is to test the control algorithms for controlling the aircraft. Developing the interface is not the main idea. But if it is readily available, I want to use that one. Can I command the servos as well with this toolbox?




At 12:36pm on May 27, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

What is the accuracy of ArduRover i.e. your http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1iJWIKbAQc video? Are there any test results such as how close the rc car stopped at the indicated stopping waypoint? Within 1m, 2metres etc? This info will be greatly appreciated, thanks. Also in that video is the magnetometer really needed? How much accuracy does it help with?

At 8:15am on June 20, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


I checkout out revision 177 of ArduPilotOne which I believe is the Ardurover version from the youtube video but when I try to compile it I get the error:

"MAVLINK_COMM_NB_HIGH" was not declared in this scope


How can I fix this? One of the libraries path may be wrong or not included?

At 8:26am on June 20, 2011,
James Goppert
Ok, you will need to edit the svn externals to match the ardupilotmega library revisions at that date.
At 3:37pm on June 20, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

I fixed it, I changed MAVLINK_COMM_NB_HIGH to MAVLINK_COMM_3


however I was not able to test the code since I can't seem to upload any sketches to my board now I get an error: "avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout" :(

At 8:15am on August 2, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


I saw on the Roadmap for APO one of the goals was to "Test rover obstacle avoidance."

Does Ardurover have obstacle avoidance? If so, how does it work and what hardware deos it use for detecting obstacles?




At 12:15pm on August 11, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


I was testing your latest Ardurover code, however I get operation timed out when trying to write waypoints. I am connecting via FTDI to the telemport. Have you ever tried sending waypoints via FTDI?





At 1:51pm on August 11, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

It is noted however that the timeout error only occurs with gps disabled. When gps is enabled waypoints can be sent.

At 7:02pm on August 12, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,

I added the issue to the Google Code site. I remember I told you about this issue a while ago, I thought it was fixed. Is it possible to provide me with a version of the ardurover code in which you can confirm waypoint sending works? I would really like to test it, but I'm still getting timeout errors.



At 10:26am on August 19, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

I also noticed, when GPS is on and you connect just the APM board to the computer alone with nothing else attached (servos etc) and the board is powered by the usb that you cant seem to get a GPS lock? Is this a power issue? Is the board not receiving enough power?

At 11:37am on August 19, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Ok thanks very much!! I will try it. Do you think the waypoint timeout issue is due to the board not receiving enough power?

At 7:50pm on August 23, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi, can you help me which revision of the code was demo-ed in the youtube video for ardurover? The video was uploaded on the 12th of April but in the APO wiki it says "DONE 4/4/2011 : Video fo Ground Vehicle (James)"


Thank you.


At 8:14pm on August 23, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

yes I made sure to change the svn externals so it would compile properly. I saw a few revisions on the 4th of April ill choose the last revision on the 4th and try it. I would love to stick to the latest code but as I said before (issue #2 posted on google code site) waypoints does not send to the board i.e. communication does not work so its unusable for me. So i'm using the old revision so I can see if I set up my rover correctly. Thanks for the quick reply and the update of your testing!!

At 7:32pm on August 25, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


How's the debugging coming along? I have a quick question. My MTK gps unit doesnt work but I have an EM406 ( http://www.sparkfun.com/products/465 ), do I have to do any modifications to your code for this gps to work? Also i tried rev120 today waypoints were sent but car didnt go lol ill try rev160 tomoro :D it looks more updated



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