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At 10:07am on August 26, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


I'm using rev177 of APO and waypoints work now!! with my EM406!!Thanks!



At 5:12pm on August 26, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

If it is possible, how can I reverse throttle and set throttle speed from QGC? My car goes a little too fast lol

At 1:51pm on August 29, 2011, Junior Sammy said…

Hi James,


I can send waypoints to my rover, however when I switch to auto mode it doesnt seem to follow the waypoints. It seems to keep going around in circles drive straight for 1sec and make more circles. Am I supposed to set any special parameters before I follow waypoints? Any help would be appreciated.




At 2:32pm on December 10, 2011, dani maoz said…

Hi James

I'm planing to build an RC fast boat (not sail boat) and control it with Ardupilot , can it work?

what is the max speed the ardu will work properly and navigate through waypoins?


At 4:22pm on December 15, 2011,
Thomas J Coyle III

Hi James,

Get the following message when trying to download your code from http://code.google.com/p/ardupilotone/

403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/ardupilotone/ from this server. That’s all we know.


Tom Coyle Moderator

At 3:56pm on January 15, 2012, John Lundberg said…

Hi James,

Chris gave me your name when I starting asking about Rover code and running it with Mission Planner. 

I just received my APM 2.0 and have been testing it out.  so far so good.  I'm a noobe when it comes to this and not having very many manuals makes it difficult.

Right now it looks like the mission planner is geared for air rather than ground... that a bummer but it also looks like you have a good handle on things.

how is your current project coming along?

Any help or pointers will me appreciated.


At 12:28pm on February 13, 2012, John Lundberg said…


Regarding the current ArduPilotOne (Rover) code that is up.  I'm able to compile and upload to the APM2 but I guessing I need more to be able to get the MAP/HUD working in Mission Planner.  Am I correct?  Do you happen to have something put together that may guide me in the right direction?

I'm able to compile the 2.28 version of the Plane code and get it to work in the mission planner but not the rover code.  I have an E-Maxx the is itching to have the APM2 installed.  Once finished I'm going to get another one for my Heli or Plane.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


At 8:23am on March 23, 2012, Ramine said…

Great. Could we annonce it on www.scicos.org?

At 7:00pm on January 22, 2013,
William Premerlani


Just in case any of my postings about your EKF sounded critical, that was not my intent. I am very excited and pleased about your work.

I think that, with enough processing power, EKF is the best way to go. But you may have to separately address some issues that EKF might not automatically solve. I am willing to help you with that, if you want some help, I have put a lot of thought into it during the development of DCM.

Best regards,


At 4:40am on November 15, 2013, Bharat Tak said…


I am running your pymavlink HILS with px4. The hils works great in manual and seatbelt mode but nose dives continuously (with its wings level) in AUTO mode.

Lorentz Meier suggested that it might be due to the fact that airspeed scaling is wrong, and the aircraft is diving to gain the airspeed. Indeed, the logs show that the airspeed is almost always very close to zero. 

It might be due to:

1. Error in unit conversion: Pascal to millibar from jsbsim to px4

or, and i think this is it:

2. Since the aircraft is air launched with initial airspeed, if PX4 calibrates its airspeed sensor after the launch, it'd calculate it's airspeed scalar such that the non zero initial airspeed is scaled to zero. Thus, it'd remain zero the whole while in flight.

I had this 2nd issue when i wrote a pymavlink based hils for APM, so i'd always have to start on ground, with no speed, calibrate airspeed sensors, and then take flight. It might be a similar issue here.

At 6:59am on November 15, 2013,
James Goppert

We actually just fixed HIL for the backside fixedwing autopilot last night, this will probably help: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/530

At 7:01am on November 15, 2013,
James Goppert

The problem with the other fixedwing autopilot is probably that I don't have the airspeed hooked up correctly as you suggest. The backside autopilot is using ground speed. It is probably a unit error and if you can spot it feel free to submit a pull request here: https://github.com/PX4/HIL

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