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At 12:37pm on September 25, 2011, George Swanberg said…

Hi Mike,

I put a camera and video transmitter on a Blade 120 heli around the beginning of the year. It works very well for FPV flying, but is a handful being a heli. My next project will be to put a camera with either head tracking or manual swivel capabilities on my e-flite Apprentice. Trying right now to figure out the best way to mount it for best visibility while protecting the camera.


At 5:52am on September 26, 2011, George Swanberg said…

Good idea on the meeting. I'd like to participate if possible schedulewise.



At 11:13am on September 26, 2011, Todd Hill said…

Hi Mike,  Thanks for the help, but I think I found my problem.  Damaged component on the adapter board.  Actually it is missing.  Could have come off from just handling.  It was L1 on the Interface Board.  You know what this part is?  I have removed the gps module and antenna from the interface board.  I am looking to just replace it as soon as I am able to determine where I can get a new interface.  I think from now on I will be setting up my own hardware instead of buying it already configured.  Seems I am disappointed more often than not with what I get with these plug and play devices.  DiyDrones store support was unable to identify the problem when I sent it to them.  Not complaining, but you should know more about what you sell.  

At 12:31am on October 1, 2011, Daniel Hibben said…

yes it is the hi-tec HS-85bb it ha metal gears and a bearing on the output shaft i found that most servos blew out real fast on the tail of this thing and so far the HS-85bb has held up really well i got it from servo city for 20$

At 1:22pm on November 5, 2011, George Swanberg said…

Hi Mike,

I've been getting help outfitting my E-Flite Apprentice for FPV here in a few weeks. Here's an Apprentice in Co. flying over Devil's Thumb. He's using a GoPro camera to record this wonderful qualtiy video. This guy also helped me choosing equipment to put onboard my plane. At this time this plane and mine mostly have in common that they fly over the same planet. But, I have aspirations


Everything's been ordered to equip my plane. I found another man, Chris Edwards who was flying FPV near Home Depot in Warrenton. He's a great resource in the area.  We're looking for available flying spaces out here west of Warrenton. It's beautiful open country just beyond where the TFRs are routine so there's not as much interference in flying activities. Lot's of pilots and interest in flying related things, however, in this area.


At 7:34am on February 11, 2012, George Tarrant said…


I'm not quite sure what you are saying. Do you thinbk I should have put my most recent offer of PID tuning somehwre else? If so, where?

At 8:20pm on February 12, 2012, trappy said…

thanks mike. we're already back in europe, unfortunately :(

At 5:58am on February 23, 2012, Michael Smith said…

Thanks Mike!  That was my first Blog ever.  Not sure if I can make changes to it...would check the speeling if I could as I was on the way out the door when I wrote it.  I am in AZ right now, but will be flying to Baltimore and staying there for a while.  How far is that from your area?  I know of a few good airclubs/fields south of Baltimore.

At 4:26pm on June 19, 2012, jason champion said…
Sorry mike im all new to this how do i delete this..
At 4:00am on July 29, 2012,
Thomas J Coyle III

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the friend link. Yes, some type of standardized format for reporting hardware/software malfunctions, whether it is the result of a crash or not, might be very helpful to the rest of the the DIY Drones community.



At 1:43pm on May 2, 2013, Dennis Clark said…

Mike, I'll be there.  Question:  I have an Octocopter $14K invested but need assistance to learn to fly it.  Or, possible selling it.  Lastly, the unit has had many settings altered and needs resetting to defaults, do you know persons to help me.  My email:  dkcphoto@swbell.net

At 11:00am on May 3, 2013, Mike Butler said…

Thank you for the meeting invitation, I will try to make it 

At 6:40pm on May 8, 2013, Disobedient Tiger said…

thanks for the invite. i will try to poke my head in if i can.

At 6:52am on July 23, 2014, Andrew Schmidt said…
Maybe the offensive ads need to be removed. After promoting this site on Facebook and to my local RC group, I will never come back and will advise the same to them.
There is nothing worse than BAD ads. I don't mind ads, but ads that get in the way of functionality are borderline unforgivable.
The people over at phoronix are very good at this. Maybe you should visit and see how they do it. I can close the ad and move on. Unlike your sponsors.

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