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At 12:31pm on February 12, 2009,
Hi stikmunkey :) I really love the aerosonde, must be a pleasure to fly. Yeah, my UAV is composite thoughout. If you get a chance to come to Adelaide let me know and it would be a pleasure to show you first hand. I forgot to mention that I've also been flying an XtremeStick, check it out on youtube; http://www.youtube.com/user/AvionaEvolution
At 12:24am on February 15, 2009,
The MicroAviona has plenty of power and penetration through the wind is great. I did a couple of tuning flights on Thursday and Friday on 15 knot winds with gusts upto 20 knots – no issues at all. Maybe I’ll post the Google Earth plot of the flights, but its not impressive because I was going in and out of autonomous - but the one I posted was all autonomous. I find the most limiting factor is that I can’t set the max bank angle much above 40 degrees because GPS starts to drop out to the point which navigation is effected.
At 1:11am on February 15, 2009,
Point taken on the standard rate turn,... but as you noted, as the bank angle increases, the nose will tend to dip, and some altitude is lost. I like taking advantage of this because this results is more elevator (because the autopilot is trying to maintain altitude), and the turn rate as a result increases - giving a nice sharp turn towards the next waypoint. :)
At 1:27am on February 15, 2009,
I think one of the big disappointments people doing DIY Drone projects at the moment will face is that of the low turn rates of their UAVs. If the waypoints are set too closely, they will miss their waypoints and their plane will be doing donuts in the sky. I've found this to be unnerving, because the longer you stay in the turn, the GPS don't work as well, and you start loosing height,... and conditions are ripe for a spiral dive.
At 1:32am on February 15, 2009,
Great feedback,...thank you :) point also taken on the gray which does indeed have a high wing loading compared to the flying wing.
Are you planning on going to Avalon?
At 1:01pm on March 5, 2009, Michael King said…
hiring? LOL I miss the UAV field. I am in boring biometrics right now.
At 10:07pm on July 9, 2009,
How ya doing Stick? Its 3m,... have I got your email address?,.. if not, PM me, and I'll send you the dimentions - its no secret...
At 7:57am on August 2, 2009, Danilo Marques Figueiredo said…
Hi !!!

I was seeing your project , what profile kind did you use in your plane, the Reaper, to develop the wing?!

I was thinking to use eppler 423, the lift is good, but the induced drag is a little complicated....

At 6:16am on August 3, 2009, Danilo Marques Figueiredo said…
Hi again!!!
It's a nice job to mix some foils!!
What's the value of Cl a 0 degrees?!!!

At 3:24am on August 13, 2010,
Gary Mortimer
Well done, on the maiden! Good luck with D2
At 11:34am on November 12, 2010, aeroGG said…
Hey Ryan,
I was designing and building a fuselage for my UAV and really liked your fuselage shape.
I was wondering whether you designed and tested on CFD first or straight away built this masterpiece out of prior experience. Since I am new to this area, please guide me how to proceed with such design.
At 5:51am on April 4, 2011, Bryce Fraser said…
hi ryan
im havin probs with my ublox 5 i cannot get a gps lock in u centre

can you mail me your txt file and config file please

At 1:08am on September 19, 2011, Richard T Leiterman said…

Hi Ryan.  For one reason or another your post doesn't seem to be working.  I for one, am very interested in you design.  Thank you for looking into the problem. If you wish to go direct pls use the follwoing web site address,  Richard T. Leiterman 

a href="mailto:dickdar1@verizon.net">dickdar1@verizon.net >            Free OS UAV Plan!

At 3:04am on September 19, 2011, Ryan said…

Hi guys, sorry for the late reply but I can't seem to find the Solidworks file anymore. I gave it to Dave so maybe he can get it posted again.

Airfoil is ClarkY 10% at 33% chord but feel free to implement your own.



At 5:29am on January 25, 2018, Alvarez said…
Hi Ryan, Hi guys, i will be very interested by downloading your gret uav files but the links seems to be broken...
do you think it's possible to send it to me please?
best regards


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