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At 6:33am on June 17, 2019, Seunghan Lim said…

Nice to meet you. I was interested in estimating wind velocity without pitot, but too much time had passed. If I get some good materials about that, I will share them, but don't expect about it. :)

At 6:42am on June 17, 2019, Francisco Correia said…

Hi! Thz for replying! I'm currently studying a way of calculating the airspeed with the lowest possible sensors available as an alternative to the pitot tube. While looking at this post, i got my hopes up i wouldn't need any wind vanes or other sensors besides measurements from the plane's attitude and gps, but i still haven't got good results (keeps bothering me if i should continue insisting in this).

I'm not sure if you got to study the case, but im particularly interested in the "condition" for which i can use this formula. In the pdf, William talks about something like "the airspeed and the fuselage vector rotating by aproximatly the same amount between measurements" but i'm not sure how to do this, because, the prior airspeed is an estimate, and we are never sure how good that is.

Any way you can help me, i would appreciate a lot!

Best of regards,

Francisco Correia

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