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At 11:59am on March 20, 2013, Tommy Larsen said…


What is your X8 weight before you put the batteries in ? 

At 1:03pm on March 20, 2013, Simon Howroyd said…

The operating weight empty, everything except batteries, is 2.3kg. The rest is made up of a 4Ah 7s Hyperion 25c LiPo (~350g ish I think) and a load of dummy weight.

My goal is to put an expensive fuel cell, so at the moment I'm testing it with buts of junk inside to simulate the weight.

At 2:18pm on March 20, 2013, Tommy Larsen said…

Ok :)

I have been looking into FC myself. I have seen the H-100 and also this one :

At 2:41pm on March 20, 2013, Simon Howroyd said…

Ah cool. I'm using the horizon h100...because that's what I was given lol.

At 1:45am on April 3, 2013, Tommy Larsen said…

Hi Simon

How is your overweight testing at 6kg going ? :-)


At 1:26pm on December 20, 2013, Michael Cook said…

At UAF we fly UAV's for many different research projects. A lot of the time our flight times are small because of the battery. We are looking for ways to fly longer times and we know that fuel cells are the way to go! Some of our sensors that we fly are around 500kg. But we need to fly longer. Somethings I think we are work on is how does a fuel cell handle in extreme cold climates. I have access to some of the coldest places in Alaska with temperatures down in the -50F. We think that coming together with other Universities is way more beneficial then giving some big name company thousands of dollars. You gain knowledge along with it. I think the biggest question here is what progress have you made and is it something that could help us out a lot. 

I hope that I have answered your question. As I believe it will be really great work and very beneficial in the future to tell people about this type of technology flying in UAV's today. 

Thank you for listening and your time. 

Michael Cook

At 6:38am on January 25, 2014, Eye-in-the-sky said…

Hello Simon

I have been following your works on the hydrogen cell and am about ready to go into that subject. Are there any 'Tips' that you can share and also do you have a schematic wiring diagram for your 100W system? Thank you.

At 3:00am on January 27, 2014, Eye-in-the-sky said…

Thanks Simon. I shall study the info you sent me. Have you flown this with an APM without the Pi?

At 9:25am on March 24, 2014, Keith Geary said…

Hi Simon,

I have sent you a PM regarding the LMFC.



At 9:28am on October 29, 2014, Chieme Nicholas Olisakwe said…

hi simon

i bet you are a great guy. please i have a question for you, how do i connect the APM2.6 to the pi, i mean the pin connection?

At 3:03am on January 15, 2015, Leon-Valeri Eremin said…

Hi Simon, Thank you for your email. If you can offer for more information, about your your 

drone or drone's, please send. We need cover our Community (Tribal) project. For today we have 200 000 ha. but in one year, we be have 1,500,000 ha. We can not manage plantations with out drone's. 

Pleas, if you have time, we can talk on Skype.

All the Best!


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