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At 7:20pm on November 27, 2012,

Hi Andrew

It looks like my navigation gremlin isn't completely solved. I've posted an update with images and logs at

I wonder if you're able to see anything else obviously wrong?



At 8:12pm on December 19, 2012, Jamie Glover said…

Tridge, can I bother you to look over 5 log files to see if you can spot the crash and possibly what happened? I was flying my Skywalker with the exact same setup as always and have had many successful flights until yesterday. Two back to back and a totaled plane now. In FBWA it would go into a steady downward pitch. It was unresponsive to any of my input. I tried manual and RTL with no response. I had I think 5 logs on the APM after the flight and Ive looked through them, but Im not sure what Im looking at. The plane on the last crash stayed dangling in a tree for about 4 hours while I tried to get it down. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate your input. Email me if you wouldnt mind taking a look at the logs.

Thank you sir.


At 12:51pm on March 16, 2013, Gary McCray said…

Hi Andrew, Ive just finished putting in a section on how to flash your PX4FMU board with the latest developer ArduCopter PX4 code from your firmware object repository.

It's pretty ugly and includes quite a bit of stuff for setting up  development environment as well.

And sadly at the end after flashing the new code to the PX4FMU it still won't establish a MavLink connection with Mission Planner although I am pretty sure the board is properly flashed.

I am giving you the link to my Wiki debacle here:

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give.

I actually produced this primarily to get feedback from you as I did not want to waste any more of your time than necessary with incomplete back and forths.

If you can point me in the right direction(s) I would greatly appreciate it and will be happy to modify the Wiki page appropriately.

I figure that if we can get this simplest FMU only one to be "acceptable" the rest should fall into place fairly easily.

Thank You very much for your assistance with this.

Gary McCray (Please feel free to Email direct if you wish).

At 9:42am on April 22, 2013, Sid said…

Hi Andrew - 

I am new to ArduPlane development and having trouble getting it to build with Arduino.  

I would greatly appreciate any direction you can provide on what I am doing wrong.

This is what I have done:

I have downloaded Arduino 1.0.4, 1.0.3 and 1.5.2... I get the exact same set of errors whenever I tried to do a Verify / Compile of ArduPlane with any version of Arduino.  

There has to be something very basic here that I am missing.

I went here to get the latest Arduino development environment
There I downloaded Arduino 1.5.2
I extracted that to c:\Programming\Arduino
Then I was able to open Arduino and build their example programs without any errors.
I followed these instructions for getting set up for doing development:
No problems with building the Blink test example.
I set up the Arduino Sketchfolder here:  C:\Users\Sid\Documents\Arduino
I set this in Arduino's preferences
I then went to this page and followed the instructions for setting up ArduPlane development
I went here and downloaded the latest ArduPlane software - ArduPlane 2.7.1
I unzipped it to my desktop.
I then copied them to the Arduino Sketchbook folder as shown on Chris' web page (only using Sid instead of Chris).
Inline image 2
I then opened Arduino 1.5.2 and did a Verify / Compile and got the following error messages:
ArduPlane:239: error: new declaration 'uint8_t digitalRead(uint8_t)'
C:\Programming\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:102: error: ambiguates old declaration 'int digitalRead(uint8_t)'
ArduPlane:1288: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before 'int'
ArduPlane.pde: In function 'int SKETCH_MAIN(int, char* const*)':
ArduPlane:1288: error: 'OK' was not declared in this scope
compat.pde: In function 'uint8_t digitalRead(uint8_t)':
compat:33: error: new declaration 'uint8_t digitalRead(uint8_t)'
C:\Programming\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:102: error: ambiguates old declaration 'int digitalRead(uint8_t)'
I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong here and I hate asking for help.  Any direction would be really appreciated.  I will be ecstatic when I am able to get ArduPlane to build and can start doing real development with it.
Thanks again.

At 5:39pm on April 22, 2013,
Andrew Tridgell

Hi Sid,

Have a look at under Tools, in the Arduino directory. That is the Arduino version you need.

Also see for more developer information.

Cheers, Tridge

At 8:07pm on May 24, 2013, Vishnu Rao said…
Hey Andrew! I'm flying an X8 with APM 2.5. I have quite struggled trying to tune the bird to the right PID settings. Lately I have been using the X5 Param file posted in the Common config website.
I noticed the X8 in your display picture, can you help me by sending me the parameter file you've been using?
My AUW is 4kgs. Any changes or suggestions to keep it safe and stable? I've taken care of the wings. Also when I was using the Arduplane 2.72, my plane would snake around while navigating. Is there anything I would've missed out?
Please help.
At 5:52pm on July 22, 2013,
Hi Tridge
I sent you an email on your Samba email address with my contact details, will be up in Canberra tomorrow. Would be great to catch up if you are around.
At 10:28pm on September 15, 2013, MD said…

Hi Tridge,

Would it be feasible to code something to use the laser altimeter currently discussed on top content blog (link below). It's the first low cost and accurate one I've seen and could be used for both arducopter and arduplane, would be really good for autoland for both and avoidance, not to mention the what to do with it if put on a servo. Possible? If so, who would be best to ask to do this? Thanks.


At 11:28pm on November 21, 2013, Paul Classon said…

Dear Andrew, I recently got back into RC modelling after 50 years (64 now) there have been some significant advances in both radio and airframes since the old OS Pixie days and rubber escapements.  I bought a Bixler 1 now a 2 which I wanted to fit one of the Hobbyking Crius AIO FC's to. The Multiwii and megapirate AIO FC with a Atmega 2560 MCU.  Which firmware would you advise to upload, preferably something which will make the setup as much plug and play as possible. Are you aware of any periodic gatherings down here in Melbourne for like minded RC flyers?  I thank you in advance BR Paul.

At 12:11pm on December 21, 2013, Jamie Glover said…

Hey Tridge,

I went out earlier this week and flew a mission with the University's plane to test out the GeoSearch program. After completing the mission, I put it into FBWA to bring it down for a landing. about 75 ft off the ground, it went into an straight down nose dive. This is the second time its happened, but this one was unrecoverable. Needless to say the crash totaled the plane. I was wondering if you could look through the logs to see if it is possibly the same issue as the bug that was fixed in 2.76.  I was running 2.76 firmware. I looked through the logs and you can see where the APM received the command to pull out of the dive, but the servos never responded to the command.  Anyways, I was thinking it is either the bug or an interference problem from a cell phone tower about a mile away. My professor wants to make sure either way before we put more money into the project. Ive attached the log files and would greatly appreciate any feedback.



At 11:51pm on August 7, 2014, Felipe Pena said…

Hi Andrew, I’m using the APM 2.6 in my plane, I would like to modify the code to try using different functions such as geofencing. The only code I found in GitHub is the 3.0.4 version, which does not run in HIL using Xplane simulator. I have tried to include “ #define HIL_MODE HIL_MODE_ATTITUDE” in the APM_config.h file as suggested in

I appreciate any advice you can give me to resolve the issue.

At 8:20pm on August 13, 2014, chenkun said…

Hey Tridge,

 I have made a VTOL tri-copter UAV based on Arducopter code.Now my tri-copter UAV can realize  manual takeoff, transition,level-flight,and vertical-land.

 I am trying to change the arducopter code to realize the  tri-copter UAV auto flight tracking waypoints, but the arduplane and arducopter codes perplex me. Which Arduplane codes should be transplanted to the arducopter codes?

  If i using two APM board, is it possible? how they connected?

At 3:35pm on January 20, 2015, Keith G said…

hello there. i am using a pixhawk on my plane and i have a spare apm 2.6 laying around. i was wondering if you would help me by writing a dummies guide to building an antenna tracker? thank you. keith

At 12:42am on December 23, 2015, Bharat said…

Hi Andrew,

We are working on an aircraft that operates solely by thrust vectoring and has no conventional control surfaces. To simplify the design and control, we are going for a rudder-free design.

I wanted to ask if APM 2.5 can be used to fly an aircraft without a rudder in auto mode.


Bharat Mathur

At 5:01pm on February 25, 2016, Choppy said…

Tridge, in regards to the OBC, if you need flying areas with room in the Brisbane area on the way up, let me know and i'll send you a couple of locations that I have access to (private property) , Cheers Choppy

At 11:53pm on May 16, 2016, Senyao Lian said…

hello ,do you have the code about iOS UAV ?? thank you !

At 6:40pm on June 17, 2016, Kevin Garland said…

Andrew could you check this out to see what you think? 


At 8:00pm on July 25, 2016, demerson rocha said…

Andrew Tridgell you are a great brain, I think the codgo could support this VTOL: http: // was excited and dreaming can perform autonomous missions with this beautiful disign what your opinion?
big hug

At 10:11am on December 14, 2016, Martin said…

Dear Andrew,
I build a "penta Quad" (is a quad plane without wings). And last week i tried to fly him in q modes obviously and was happens the following:
I take off the quad in qloiter (every thing ok) and when I passed fbwa the quad advanced, but immediately turned in yaw without being able to compensate that yaw, manually I could but with difficulty. Then I loaded a flight plan and took off without problems but again when it wanted to move forward it was rotated so I had to pass it to qloiter and land it.
I do not know what variable to adjust to correct that trend
Thank you

At 11:55am on March 24, 2017, Rick Yonika said…


I want to stick a pixracer in one of my tailsitters some questions, mount in horizontal like fixed wing?,a/speed needed,q enable 2,frame class,frame type,flight modes needed,any thing else you can think of? Thanks Rick

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